Younger sister lost her virginity

Hi My name is kavita I m 29 years old with fit body slightly thin with a good figure and clean whitish complexion.

My transformation started about 5 years ago when I was 24. I was married into a well to do family and moved from a Nasik to Thane. Thane is close to Mumbai where my husband and his brother had a silver and jewelers shop. My husband Pramod is 8 years older than me so we had our son within one year of marriage. We decided not to have any more children and my mother in law dint mind because she had a grandson. My sex life with Pramod lasted about 2 months after marriage and after the child my husband lost interest in me. Pramod would leave home early morning to catch the local train and come back after closing the shop. The shop is open 365 days and he only left it to Navin when he went out to drink with his friends. I was young and after doing housework for 6 months I got back into shape. Our family was traditional and I had to wear pallu over my head, I could not go out to work and I started getting frustrated.

One day my mother in law called the local barber home to put mehendi on her hair. After it was done I asked her if I can get a head massage with oil, She said ok to that and went inside to take a bath. I was surprised that the barber was a smart young man of my age and he was speaking with me in English. First he opened my bun and loosened my waist long hair. Then he said if you don’t mind madam could I suggest something. I said its ok. He said madam I have done a beauty course and I can style your hair properly if you want. I said I couldn’t change it since my mother in law will notice. He said its ok she will not notice with the pallu covering half my head. I thought if I get a nice hairstyle maybe my husband would be more interested in me so I agreed. So he combed my hair and started cutting it into a step cuts worried because my head was lighter and a lot of hair was all over the floor. He quickly cleaned everything. Then he shaped my eyebrows. I paid him and asked him to come back for head massage. After taking my bath when I tied my hair into a bun my mother in law did not notice anything. When Pramod saw me that night he was impressed. I had high hopes but he went to sleep after 15 minutes sex. After 2 days he forgot about me again. Next Monday Sunil came back to do my head massage. My mother in law had gone to Shirdi so this time I was more free. I sat down and he started massaging with oil and talking in general. He asked me if my husband liked my new hairstyle, I said yes. He said I can also do a more modern style if you like. Then he asked if I like a back massage. I said ok. So I lied down on the carpet and he asked me to open my blouse. First I hesitated, and then I thought no one would know, so I removed it. He started the massage and reached my buttocks. I moved my saree down to avoid the oil. After 2 minutes I started feeling excited and turned up. I asked him to massage my whole body. He got the hint and removed all my clothes. First he shaved my underarms and pussy. Then he asked me to hold his penis. As soon as I touched his penis it became very hard. Without waiting he entered me and we had sex for half an hour. It was my first time having sex with a young man. I was fully satisfied. After that I took a bath. I told him my mother in law would be back in 2 days. He said I m really beautiful but he will make me look like a heroine. He came back next day with a lady. She cleaned my nose with some oil and pierced my nose on left side. I put a silver ring on it as we had a lot of silver jeweler at home. She also used a gun a put 1 stud on both my ears above my earrings. After the lady went Sunil asked me to sit in the chair. This time he cut my hair to mid back and made the steps higher with a v shape at back. Now my hair was moving freely and feeling very sexy. Then he made my eyebrows thinner. After that I took a bath and he waited. This time we had sex in the bedroom for 1 hour. We continued to have our secret affair for 1 year. Then my mother in law passed away. I was alone in the house and Sunil became my boyfriend. He also colored my hair with brown color. With the new hairstyle, nose ring, extra studs and sleevless blouse I was looking completely different. Like an item girl.

One day Pramod said his brother Navin (who is 3 years older to me) has to get maried soon. He asked me to look for matches. I thought it is good that someone will come to help me, at the same time my affair cannot carry on. The problem was solved soon when my younger sister Parul came to stay with me for a few days. I decided to get my parents consent to get her married to Navin. But first I had to make sure her sex life would not be like mine. I asked her if she likes Navin. At first she was shy but she became very excited. Then I told her she has to look modern so that her married life will be good. I called Sunil home for her beauty treatment. Parul had thick hair till her buttocks. Sunil said its not good to cut a lot before marriage, as Navin may not like it. So he just cut a few inches and made a U shape for her. Then he combed the hair in front of her face a cut a thick fringe. He then parted the fringe in middle and cut it short on both sides. This time he just used the gun himself and made put 2 extra studs in each ear. She was getting nervous when she saw a lot of hair on the floor. I told her its ok you will like it afterwards. Then it was my turn. I sat down and Parul went to take a bath. Sunil quickly trimmed my hair and we started having sex before Parul came back. After that Sunil left. That night Parul told me that she saw me and Sunil having sex, she did not say anything because she was shocked. I told her the whole story and she understood. Next day Sunil came again to see me. He saw Paruls hair and said that he has to reduce the thickness. He asked her to remain standing and used his razor for 15 minutes. A lot of hair was on the floor but this time Parul was looking very sexy and her hair was moving freely. While holding and cutting her hair Sunil was touching Parul's body. I could see that she was excited. I was also excited. Then she caught his hand and pulled him into the bedroom. I was excited and worried at the same time, but I could not stop them. Sunil did not look at me, he was also excited. He quickly removed his clothes, then Paruls clothes. When he entered her pussy. I could see that it is very tight. He pushed slowly and hard. She gave a small shout then he started fucking her. Both were looking happy after that and i realised that my sister lost her virginity. Immediately next day i called my parets and fixed Paruls marriage with Navin. Parul was sent home till marriage and when she came back properly dressed and without pallu Navin was very happy to see that his wife is so sexy. Navin is much younger and more understanding than my husband. Parul is having a great-married life.

Sunil is still my boyfriend and now Navin also knows about it. Sometimes Navin sleeps with me when Pramod is not at home.

Now my sister and me are looking like item girls and both have very good sex life. This entry was posted on 22 Aug 2009 by in Virgin
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