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I missed my first autumn at college. I had been going through a lot of issues during my high school years, just teenage stuff, but it caused my grades to be rather low and caused me to be a little unadjusted in general. So my parents let me stay on at their summer vacation home through that autumn to try and get a perspective, try and bring my grades up, and just try not to embarrass them anymore than I already had.

My family had some money. We weren’t really rich, but dad made well over six figures and we were definitely an upper middle class family. When I was a teenager I guess I always took this for granted, but it did give me certain advantages, and as I look back now I am grateful for them.

All that summer after graduating from high school I had been staying at our home in Colorado. This was at a nice summer resort area, and the scenery was pretty and there was a lot to do. Most of my friends had houses in the area, too. They dropped in for a few weeks of the summer and this gave me a chance to hang out with them. So the summer passed quickly, but as soon as September started, my entire crowd headed in different directions to go to the college of their choice, or in some instances the only college that would accept them. This left me alone and feeling a depression I had never experienced before in my eighteen years of living.

I started thinking that I was really a looser and became certain that I had no future and would never go any place in my life. I looked back on all the dumb things I had done in high school and hated myself for every one of them. Also, boredom set in as the Colorado weather got colder and the out door parks began closing up for the season.

My parents had spent a few weeks during the summer up at the house with me, and my older brother and sister had been in and out a couple of times with their crowd. After Labor Day everyone abandoned the house and left me, as it’s single occupant. I liked being the master of the place for about two days, and beyond that felt as if I was going to turn into Norman Bates.

I mentioned that my grades in school had fallen, as my teenage trouble had gotten worse. Well, I was really a pretty smart kid, but just unmotivated and mixed up. My family always was supportive of me, even if they were slightly embarrassed of me, and they knew I still had it in me to go to college and get good grades and have the life that everyone expected. The teen shrink they had sent me to back in the city hadn’t done me any good and I thought the guy was an idiot. So my mom and dad decided to pay for me to have a private tutor to help me bring up my test scores, while they hoped the mountain air would improve my mixed up attitude.

Dad got one of his friends at the local junior college to recommend someone who was teaching at the college level, was good with one on one instruction, and who could handle or at least ignore a slightly weird would-be college kid. Dad succeeded, as he almost always did in everything, and found the perfect choice to be my summer tutor. Her name was Ann. She was an assistant professor at the junior college in the English department, but had wide knowledge covering many subjects.

Ann quickly became a friend to me. She was cool and we found lots of topics of conversation as the summer wore on into fall. She even made friends with my friends, as they would come over to visit me through out the summer. Also, I found myself learning from her. I liked her teaching style; it was exactly what I needed. Actually, after she found out I had better than average intelligence she didn’t keep it simple anymore but challenged me with harder subjects.

Ann was twenty-four years old, and she had a natural girl quality about her that made her always seem free. She was at ease with everybody, even my dad when he interviewed her, and that isn’t easy to do. She always dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt, and never wore any make-up; not that she needed any make-up with her clear complexion and naturally tanned skin.

After the autumn rolled around and everyone left me to my own devises at the summer home Ann was the only constant visitor I had. She came over on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and would stay for about two hours during each visit. I had known her for three months, and she was more than just my teacher. She was a friend definitely, but that isn’t exactly how I would describe my feelings for her either.

One of the issues I was dealing with at that time in my life was all of my feelings about girls. I loved them, and everything about them made me horny. I was considered rather handsome in a schoolboy sort of way. I was tall at just over six feet, and thin, perhaps just a little too thin. I wore glasses most of the time, and my hair was unfashionably long. However, my big drawback with the opposite sex was probably the fact that though eighteen, and fast approaching nineteen, I looked about ten-years-old. I was one of those young men that look much younger than they really are – much younger.

I had been out with girls a couple of times in my past, but had never had a serious date. The truth was that I had graduated from high school with out ever having gotten to first base with a girl. Looking back on it all now I think this was probably one of the main reasons why I felt so weird all the time. I was ashamed about it, and never wanted my group of friends to find out the terrible truth.

The last weekend of September of that year everything was about to change for me. It had just started to get cold at that altitude, and clouds covered the sky all day long. There was crispness to the fall air that felt good and exhilarating. My older brother had taught me how to build up a fire in the fireplace of the family room, and I had built up a big one that I planned to keep going all weekend.

I had decided this would be my last weekend up at the house and had called mom and dad with my intentions to return home and contact my perspective college on the West Coast and beg for a winter semester entrance. As in most things they had been supportive of me and told me to come on. I think they could detect a growing maturity in my voice and hoped that I was returning to them to take up my adult life once and for good.

Ann came by at six that Friday evening for my last tutoring session. I had already told her of my plans to leave and she had voiced her support at the good idea. To celebrate she brought over a bottle of expensive wine and we set in front of the fire sipping and talking. Like I mentioned our relationship was more than just student and tutor. I still was not exactly for sure what our relationship was all about, but what ever it was I knew that I liked it just fine.

“This is my boyfriends favorite wine,” she told me. We were both on the big rug on the floor before the fire, cross-legged and facing each other, an appropriate distance of about two feet separating us.

“So have you set the big day with your boy friend yet?” I asked.

“No,” she laughed, a little self-conscious as she massaged her bare foot toes next to the warmth of the crackling flames. “I’m moving in with him after Christmas. I want to live with him for a year before we get married. But I think it’ll work out ok. He’s a pretty nice guy most of the time.”

“You’re lucky to live out here. It’s really a great place.”

“Yeah. I just hope the university will have my job open again next semester.”

We sipped wine, and listened to the fire jump behind the screen for another couple of minutes, with out saying anything to each other. We had evolved into a relationship where we didn’t have to talk in order to force comfort by talking. Silence between us felt ok, too.

We didn’t plan anything that happened that night. We weren’t drunk, and we didn’t talk about it before, during, and strangely enough never afterward. Instead, we both seemed to know what was coming, or sense it on some level just below the conscious.

Ann had left me alone by the fireplace, and soon I heard the water running through the Jacuzzi. I got up and padded, barefoot, through the cold floors of the big house. The Jacuzzi was in a rec room in the finished basement. I made it slowly down the stairs and came over to Ann who was getting the hot tub ready for use. I set down next to her on the edge and looked at her. Our eyes met for a brief minute, and I knew then what was going to happen, and my heart began beating fast.

“Hey,” was all she said to me.

“Hey,” I returned.

“How hot do you like it?” she asked.

“I’ve never used it before,” I said.

“No?” she questioned, seeming surprised. “I think you’ll like it.”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” I offered, and oh was my heart beating fast then.

“You’re right,” she said. “There is a time for everything. Both the good and the bad.”

“This is definitely good,” I said.

“Yeah, I think so,” she said and scooted up next to me on the edge of the Jacuzzi.

She reached out and put her arm on my shoulder. I placed my arm on her shoulder. We looked at each other for a minute, and in her I saw someone I really liked and respected. I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back. Our mouths did not open, but the contact felt oh so very good.

“This’ll be my first time,” I told her. I don’t know why it mattered, but to me it was important and I felt compelled to tell her.

She didn’t say anything, only reached back to me and kissed me again. Now our mouths both came open. I felt her tongue slip into my mouth, and I ran mine around hers. We exchanged saliva, and our arms wrapped each other.

Then as if nothing had happened, and everything was perfectly normal she stood up and pulled her sweater over her head. I got up and pulled my shirt over my head. I didn’t want to stare at her as she undressed, but I guess I didn’t do a very good job, because she finally turned around and laughed at me. She was stepping out of her jeans, and had her undershirt and white panties left on.

“You have seen a girl with out clothes on before?”

“Yeah. I read magazines,” I gulped.

She came over and gave me another brief kiss on the mouth. Her mostly nude body felt so good as it brushed up against my bare chest. My hard on beneath my pants was visible and her stomach lightly grazed past it, but she either didn’t notice or pretended not to.

I pulled down my jeans and then quickly tugged at my briefs. I didn’t look at her. After I was naked I jumped into the hot and swirling bubbles of the tub. Looking up, I just caught the briefest of glances of her nude body stepping into the tub with me. Then we were both hidden beneath the churning water.

She set to one side of the hot tub and I sat to the other. All though it wasn’t very big and our knees knocked against each other. She handed over my wineglass, and I caught a fabulous glimpse of a brown nipple coming out of the water as she did.

We were both sweating and the water was almost uncomfortably hot. I found myself loosing my erection, but fortunately this event went unnoticed and unseen beneath the waves of the tub. Though I had no idea what would happen next I was enjoying just sitting in the tub with her and looking at her.

“I remember my first time,” she began to tell me. “It was my senior prom. I was eighteen and with a tailback from the football team. He hadn’t even been my date for the night, but somehow we ended up together. We were in kind of these weeds in a park in my hometown. It was about three o’clock in the morning. After making out with that guy for over an hour I wanted him so badly…man I tell you…I thought he was the best thing ever invented.”

“Was he your boyfriend?” I ventured to ask.

“Hell no! I never saw him again,” she laughed. “He was a jerk, but at the time he seemed pretty neat to me.”

“You do have a boyfriend now,” I reminded her and then wanted to kick myself for saying this. Who in the hell cared, I was telling myself. Hey man, you’re about to get some and reminding her of her boyfriend is probably not the best strategy at this point, I thought to myself.

She came over to me in the tub and for the first time that night our naked bodies touched each other. Her hands were on my chest, and then around my back. My hands went down from her shoulders and ran along her back, and she kissed me, our tongues touching briefly again. I found the small of her back, but was just a little afraid to drop down further so I held her in that position.

“I do have a boyfriend,” Ann said. “And I am in love with him. But I’m not married to him yet, and I’m only twenty-four years old and free to do what I want. I want to see how we feel together. I really respect and admire you Adam, and I would really like to be your first sexual partner."

We kissed again, our bodies coming up hard against each other. I felt her breasts up against my chest. They were hard and demanding little knobs and felt better than anything else up to that point in my life ever had. She repositioned herself in the water and felt the full enormity of my renewed erection for the first time.

She laughed and rubbed my shoulders. “You are more than ready for your first woman, my man,” she said in a teasing voice.

Something in the tone of her voice did it for me and I reached down about half an inch and grabbed her two firm and tight little buttocks in my hands. I clutched them tightly and pulled up on their tightness as we shared another kiss. I soon felt her hands behind my back, and going to my butt cheeks to grab a hold in a like manner, and she let my erection lay along the flat of her belly.

“Do you want to do it here or in bed?” she asked through kisses.

“I don’t care,” I said, and I really couldn’t have cared less. I just wanted to get laid.

“I do,” she answered. “The hot tub is good to set the mood, but I like the bed.”

Just as I had pulled her buttocks apart and was reaching between them with my fingers she gave me a final kiss along my neck and pulled away from me. She grabbed a towel at the side of the tub and flicked it over my face. I struggled to free myself from this for two seconds and in that time she had climbed up out of the tub and was wrapping another towel around her body. I just got a peek of her form from the side before she covered up with the towel. Her skin glistened with water. Her now wet hair ran down past her shoulders in unruly curls.

“Meet me upstairs,” she said and turned to walk back up the flight of stairs that led to the main portion of the house.

I got up out of the tub and quickly toweled off, wrapping a towel around my waist. I still had a hard on as I walked up the stairs, and knew I looked quite the sight with that bath towel sticking out from my groin. I was so stiff I could hardly even make it up the stairs.

Somehow I knew I would find her in my bedroom, so I didn’t even have to look. I just turned down the hallway that led me there and opened the door. Sure enough, there she was, sitting at my table and combing her hair in the mirror; the towel still tucked snuggly around her small form.

I went over and stood behind her. Neither of us said anything. I didn’t sit down with her but merely stood there and put my hands out to her shoulders and ran them up to her neck. She let me touch her and continued to comb her hair. I found myself slumped half way over to try and cover the outline of my erection beneath my towel, and realized later this was a dumb thing to do.

She casually placed her comb back on the table and turned around to me. She reached under my towel and pulled it back, the folds coming undone. It fell to the floor behind me and I stood naked before her. Now I stood to full height and let my nine inches pop up and point straight to the ceiling.

Putting one hand beneath my balls and the other at the base of my penis she held the throbbing muscle, bent over in her chair and started to administer head to me, and I got my first blow job. She knew of course that I would never last and I realize now she never intended for me to. This was her gift to me.

I don’t know how long she sucked on me. Not long, maybe thirty seconds or less. I think it was the sucking sound coming from the friction of her lips pulling my cock in that finally sent me over the edge.

When I felt the first squirt of sperm fly out of me I was a little concerned that this was kind of rude to just relieve myself in her mouth. Being a rookie I wasn’t really for sure what she was expecting of me. I was green enough back then to actually wonder if maybe I should have tapped her on the shoulder and ran to the bathroom before I came. But I just let her suck me off while she cradled my balls and brought the semen up out of me in wave after wave.

She just kept on sucking. Finally, when the last drop was gone, and the orgasm had totally weakened every muscle in my body I felt my penis began to droop. She let me go then and brought the back of her hand to her mouth to wipe away some semen that was dripping down her chin. Her mouth was filled with it, and when she tried opening her mouth I could see strings of it cling from her upper lip down to her bottom. She reached around and brought out a box of tissues that had been sitting on top of my desk, and spit my cum into a ball of tissue that she held to my mouth. Then she held out the box for me to clean myself off.

“Sorry,” I said watching carefully for her reaction.

“That’s ok,” she said. “I just can’t swallow that much,” and she wiped around her mouth with another white tissue, cleaning her mouth and face off.

I took my now limp dick in my hand and cleaned off the white drops that were flowing down its underside. I was amazed when I looked at that box of tissue. I used some of it to wipe myself off every night after I jacked off. Well, I thought, tonight I am doing the same thing only it feels one hell of a lot different.

I still stood naked in front of Ann. She got up and looked me up and down, paying close attention to my cock, which was slowly starting to come back to life. She held me in her arms and kissed me. I could still smell my semen in the room, and somehow that made it better.

“Let’s get over to the bed,” was all she told me. I followed her over and set down in front of her, making no further overtures to cover my nakedness. She stood just in front of me and let her towel fall away from her body.

Oh my god!!!!!! She was gorgeous. She had little B cups, but they had perky red nipples, and were strong and firm. Her petite waist curved perfectly around her tight little hips. Her flat belly and her little navel in its center were delicious sights for my eyes. Her pubic hair was trimmed but not shaved. But hey – she was a natural blonde after all.

She sat down next to me on top of my bed and we French kissed for about five minutes. She reached down and took me in her hand. I was back to life once more with an erection to rival the first one. My hands freely groped across her body. Touching her breasts, her hips, her butt, up her thighs, down her belly, and between her legs, which parted in ready accommodation to my probing fingers.

I slowly stuck my index finger up her vaginal entrance. We were kissing the whole time. She was wet and slippery, and oh so very tight. I tried inserting a second finger and she was almost too tight to allow for this. She moaned a little, and I knew I had been rough so I backed off, and was satisfied with just one finger up inside of her.

I felt the inside, sweat soaked walls of her vagina, and ran my thumb around the folds of her pussy lips, the palm of my hand scratching against the pubic hair covering her vulva.

I hardly remember when she pushed me onto my back exactly. I was in heaven and time meant nothing to me. But she stopped kissing me and removed my hands from her privates. I looked down the length of our two naked bodies and saw that she was coming over me and hiking a leg over my waist. I felt her bring my cock off my belly and point it straight in the air.
Then she inserted my penis into her. She was slow and careful. I reached out and held her by her hips to assist her as she sat down on top of my lap. Soon she had sat down and I was in her up to the base of my penis, my pubic hair tickling hers as she positioned herself.

I looked up into her face and saw she had her eyes closed. Her mouth had come open and she was gasping, taking her own pleasure from impaling herself upon me. She ran her hands up from my stomach across my rib cage and past my nipples. Then she began to move on me, and my first thrusts inside a woman started off long and lovingly.

She had been wise to blow me before our first coupling. I was eighteen and didn’t need too many minutes between orgasms to regain a raging hard on. But after relieving myself of the initial loud I felt a considerably heightened control over myself. So now instead of being afraid of coming I actually was able to pump towards it.

I bent back up to her and took a nipple in my mouth. She was bucking on top of me and starting to moan out her pleasure. My thrusts were becoming huge, maybe more than she expected. I could feel her arms go about me tightly and draw me to her. She was trying to mumble something, I think it was just an “oh fuck” or maybe an “oh my god”, whatever it was I couldn’t hear her, and I wasn’t about to stop.

I held her tight and banged her hard, her buttocks bouncing up and down on top of my balls. She met my thrusts by ramming her pelvis down on mine. We rutted like animals in heat. Soon I had her screaming. Her screams were loud and urgent. I could feel the contractions of her vagina all around my thrusting member, and soon each time I jabbed up into her the wetness of her folds had increased many fold.

Finally, I don’t think she could take anymore. Perhaps her boyfriend was of a different size with me. Whatever the reason she rolled off me, and my penis came out of her with an audible pop.

She laid on her back with her legs half spread, out of breath and looking up at me through dazed eyes under a sweat-covered brow. I didn’t let her off that easy however, and rolled on top of her.

She took a last deep breath, trying to recompose herself a little and placed her arms back around me. I reached down and parted her legs at the knee. For the first time I got a good look at the pussy I had been fucking for the last half-hour. It was glistening with her female fluids and the lips were still parted where my cock had been pumping a moment before.

I rose above her on the bed, and she reached up to bring my erection back into her, wrapping her legs around my back as I lowered myself down to cover her. I now got my first taste of good old missionary position sexual intercourse, and I loved it. I liked the control as I quickly took up pounding her again from my new position.

I felt like I was trying to ram through her with my cock leading the charge, but she didn’t seem to mind any. She gripped my back so strong and raked it with her nails so hard that I saw trickles of blood the next day. I could hear a squishing sound now every time I reared back to bang her again. The noise was my penis as it moved along her very wet vaginal lips. I could also smell us in the air. Her vaginal fluids and my semen mixed together to give off a sexy fragrance that prompted me to pound into her harder and harder and harder.

“Oh god Adam…Fuck me…. Fuck me… That’s right baby…Fuck me…” she was chanting beneath me, and I complied by fucking her just as hard and as long as I could. “That’s it… oh god you fucker…don’t you quit…don’t you stop…ohhhhhhhhhhhh gggggggggaaaaawwwwwwwwwwddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She began to scream beneath me again and moved up to muffle the sobs against my shoulder finally ending up by giving my naked flesh little love bites as her body began to spasm uncontrollably underneath mine.

I don’t know how long or loud Ann must have screamed that night. It was a good thing no one else was close and could hear us. She was one of those types of women that scream almost as if they are in pain as they reach climax, and was very vocal about it. I was to encounter some more of them later in my life but this was all so new to me on that first night that I just went with it, and the louder she screamed and clawed and kicked and bit me, the harder I fucked her.

Finally my balls were wound up so tightly between my legs that I knew I was about to explode. The orgasm started in my balls, then headed for my thighs and caused a funny kind of warmth in my lower abdomen. This first time to come inside a woman’s body was also one of the first times I had reached an orgasm that was a ‘10’. I don’t think too many of us get those very often, at least I know I don’t, and if you’ve ever had one you know the difference between it and just a regular orgasm. The muscles in my body took over for about ten glorious seconds and I no longer had any control.

The warm sperm flew down my shaft and into Ann. I felt spurt after spurt go into her and kept pumping so I would send it deep. She bucked up against me, thrusting her pelvis up desperately to meet mine. She had her head on my shoulder and just as she had started to gain a modicum of composure she must have felt my semen go flying up her womb and she began to scream all over again. Her screams were even deeper this time; they racked out of her body in long sobs, and led me to the point where I didn’t know if this was pleasure or pain I was giving her. Even if it had been causing her pain it wouldn’t have mattered to me during that minute of ecstasy. I could not have controlled my ramming cock if I had tried.

I collapsed on top of her, and she took me into her arms softly, with me still positioned between her out stretched legs. We held each other. I just let my self drift away into a deep sleep, and I think she must have to. We had both experienced something together, and even as I felt the tip of my now flaccid penis slid out from inside her I felt like I was still a part of her.

That was maybe one of the best nights sleeping I had ever had in my whole life. I finally rolled onto my back and she lied in my arms and we both held onto each other as we slept.

My bedroom faced the east, and the sunrise woke us up. I woke up with another raging, painful hard on. She reached down to feel this and smiled in contentment. We both held each other and kissed in a sleepy daze; in fact I think we were both barely half-awake. Soon I was inside her again, on top of her and between her legs. Another half-hour session of rutting followed, and another strong relief when I felt myself ejaculate deep within her. She had not screamed this time, only moaned and whimpered rather forlornly.

We showered together, and I fixed us breakfast. Later in the day we visited my neighbors who had horses that they let us ride out along their property. The day was cold, but the sun had come out bright and everything felt so good.

We spent the whole weekend together; making love I don’t know how many times. Ann introduced me to my first everything as far as sex went. She showed me how to eat her out, and I proved to be an eager leaner. We did it doggie style, and from the side, on the kitchen table, and as we relaxed in the tub on Saturday night Ann took me in her hand and gently inserted me up her ass. By the time the bath was over we were both groaning with barely withstood pleasure.

On Monday morning we said our good-byes kissed a last time and then I drove away, back to my family and the city.

I returned to my family as a different person from the one they had known for the past couple of years. I got myself admitted to the college of my choice that winter, and reversed my academic failure in high school and earned strong grades all through out my college years.

Ann and I kept in touch through out the years. I was a guest at her wedding, and six years after Ann’s wedding I invited her to mine. We made it a point to see each other a few times a year, but never returned to a sexual relationship after that first weekend.

I am writing this story because Ann died of cancer last year. My wife and I were at her funeral. Only the second funeral I have ever attended in my life. Her husband and two children were present, but strangely I didn’t feel sad. She wouldn’t have wanted me to.

Thank you for everything Ann. I’ll always love you. This entry was posted on 1 May 2009 by in Virgin
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