When I fucked a Virgin Girl

Hi I am Atul. I am not new to ISS and is a big fan of this site. However, this is my first story, which happened around 2 years back.

I am 6' tall, good looking person working with an MNC in Mumbai. At present I am 30 years old, married man. This incident has happened when I was surfing on gmail chat to find out some interesting happening in my life. It happened at last.

While going to various chat rooms, I found a girl named Preeti who was online at the time. I said Hello to her and she responded. After initial introduction, we exchanged our photographs to each other via email. This lasted for around 6-7 months.

During this tenure, we started liking each other and even had Role play during the chating. Since she was staying alone as paying guest in Pune and was doing job, I was having separate bedroom for me so that role playing was not a problem for both of us.

Ultimately we decieded to meet each other and we selected the venue as Khandala, which was near to both Mumbai and Pune. So accordingly, on that day, I told my parents that we friends are going for a pickinck in Khandala. They have no objection as I was well settled myself and was doing really well.

Accordingly, on that day, I took my car and proceeded to Khandala. I reached the Kamath Hotel at Khandala, where we had decided to meet each other. After waiting for about 30 minutes, she arrived and I was really stunned that she was looking georgious in the Black T-Shirt and Black Jeans. Her T-Shirt was wet due to sweating and was sticking on her body, making it visible the 2 big mellons. We then took the breakfast in Kamath Hotel and then I asked her what is her next programme. She said that we will do the sight seeing and will talk to each other. However, after seeing her personally, I was already aroused and my brain had started thinking in the different way. I wanted her fully very badly. So I told her that I am tired of driving and will take some rest. She was OK with it. We then moved to Lonavala and booked a room in the hotel. At first, she was not ready for that, but when I told her that its necessary to book a room as we have to refresh ourselves from this excessive sweating and with great difficulty, she agreed.

So after entering the room, which was A/c. and had a nice view of the Khandala valley. I told her that I will get myself freshen up and then will decide. I then took my towel and removed my T-Shirt and Jeans infront of her. She was sying and told me what are you doing. I told her that whenever I go to bath, I am completely nude, but now I am going only on my underwear.

I had my bath for around 20 minutes, during this, purposely I had kept the door of the bathroom little bit open so that I can see her lying on the bed. By that time I think she also realised that what is going to happen and may be because of that, her respiration increased leading in her beautiful breasts going up & down very fast. I had finished my bath, dried myself and came out with only a towel on my waist.

When I came out, I told her to take the bath too and she agreed and went to bathroom. During that time, I had masterminded my plan to fuck her and delibrately lay on the bed with towel and untied it. I had also closed my eyes pretending that I am sleepy due to long drive and excessive sweating.

When she came out of bathroom, she was shell shocked as I was sleeping on the bed with my towel haywire and my 8" rod full on. She had not uttered a single word for some time and then called me that I had my towel in a haywire condition. I opened my eyes and looked at her. I could sense that she was also becoming hot after looking at my big dick. I then told her to get dressed up so that we can plan further. I was knowing that she need the me badly as it was difficult for her to control her emotions and I could see the lust in her eyes.

To my surprise, she came near me and sat besides me on the bed. She was wearing only a nighty, from which, I could see her tresure as she had nothing inside except that thin nighty. She told me that she is feeling bit feared. I then got up and kept my hand on her leg and told her that don't worry, I will not do anything without your permission. She got littiel bit relieved and kissed me on my cheek.

I was awaiting for the such thing only and I immediately replied her by putting my lips on her lips. I did not smooch or chew her lips but a simple lip kiss. Now her breathe started rapidly and she put both her hands against my neck and started kissing me. She was not doing it properly as it was the first time she was experience a manly touch to her body. I then told her how to french kiss and then we had a long french kiss. Our tongues were searching for each others and exchanging the saliva. Now she started moaning lightly and I put my hands on her butts and started pressing them lightly. It was unbearable for her and she fall on me and started kissing my chest like a hungry tiger. I kissed her again and while kissing, unbottoned her nighty and her treasure was open to me. I took one boob in my right hand and started licking another one with my tongue. Her maoaning increased and her hand went on my already hard on cock and she started flowing her hand on it. It was a signal for me and within no time, I had removed her nighty. Now that beauty was completely naked infront of me asking me to do the justice.

I then made her lay on her back and started kissing her neck, ear lobs and then breasts. My right hand was caressing her left breast and then I started licking her right one. Fist with breast, then slowly moved towards the nipples. By this time, her nipples were erect and I was also in heaven. Though it was not my first time, but still that feeling of a virgin girl under you had made me aroused. I then told her how to enjoy sex. She was a fast learner and immediately we took 69 position. Now I had parted her pussy lips with my fingers and put my tongue inside it and slowlys tarted licking it. In the meantime, she had kissed my cock and started moving her hand rigorously up and down. At the same time, she was moaning continuously. I then found her clitoris and put my tongue in it. At that moment, she got electric waves running through her body and she shrinked like nothing chocking me for my breath. Her both legs came closer and she had started lifting her butts up and down. At the same time she was licking my cock. I then put the tongue deep inside her pussy and started licking it. Her pusy was discharging the precum which was like a sweet dish for me. After doing this for about 15 minutes, I came above her. She was murmuring that bite my nipples, bite them hard. I started licking her nipples and biting them hard. She was now moaning very loudly. Fortunately the room was A/c. and quite sound proof. Now she told me that she can't take it any more. She wasnted my dick to be entered in her cunt. I then positioned myself between her legs. Made her legs spread and put them on my shoulders. Then I had started fiddling with her cunt with my dick and she went mad. She was pleading to fuck her hard. I thought that it was the right time and put my dick on her love hole and slowly started inserting in it. She was screaming. I didn't bother and put my lips on her lips so that she should not scream loudly. Now I started moving up and down very slowly. My 8" dick was rearing to get deep buried in her pussy. I again gave little force and it went half inside. Agian she was trying to scream and scraching my back. I waited for some time and once she looked comfortable with my dick, again gave a final jirk and my 8" dick was fully inside her pussy. She was screaming. Again I waited for some time for her to get aclamatised to my big dick. Once it was OK, I started giving small jirks in and out and she was enjoying it. She tied both her legs around my waist and with one hand she was foddling with my balls. Now my spead increased and she was also responding very nicely. Both naked bodies were in perfect tune and getting up & down rigerously. She was also enjoying it and I can see that on her face. Now I started really banging her very fast. She was moaning with the background of slurp slurp sound of fucking. She had her orgasm and her love juices started coming out every time my cock comes out. But I was not done. I started literrally rammed her pussy like a big bull and after around 25 minutes, I told her that I am cumming. She told me to take the cock out and cum on her body. I took my tool out and with a great force my juices spread on her naval, boobs, face. The speed and quantity, with which I cummed was really amazing. She gave a smile and started picking up my love juices mixed with hers with little bit of blood and started sucking it with her fingers. I literally collapsed on her and both of us stayed in the same position for around 10 minutes.

At first, she had plans of going back in the evening to Pune but now with the taste of heaven, she had decided to stay back for next 2 days as those were bank holidays and she was having offs from her office.

Within next 2 days, I made her expert in enjoying sex. We did every thing, every position, even anal also. She was scared at the beginning but then started enjoying it also. Actually she told me that she liked the anal one more than anything else and during those next 2 days, we had done sex for around 15-20 times. We hardly came out of our room and were mostly enjoying the heaven's gift to the fullest.

After that, we decided that we will meet at least once in a month and mate also. Those stories I will tell you later.

Hey readers, I am awaiting your feedback to my first story on ISS.

Any girl, bhabhi, widow, sexually deprived lady can contact me on atultalking@gmail.com. This entry was posted on 15 Oct 2009 by in Virgin
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