Hi all ISS readers! I am Mannu, ready to tell you a story which will definitely make you horny. It is reallly Masti / sexy fun to fuck teen virgin below 18 and experience her screaming, moaning in pain and pleasure. Again this is also a tale of a school girl who enjoyed her 1st sex when she was reading in 12th standard. No-no no-no let the girl, I mean Anjali tell her experience herself, you guys listen to her, ok!

Hi I am Anjali, pyar se Anju. I am a fair complexioned girl with unbelievable mounds. I am 5.4 with 32 28 34 and above all I was a virgin before having my 1st sex . My story is like this;When I was reading in 10th my elder brother Rahul got married. At that time I was reading in my village. My brother was working as software engineer in Lucknow . My bhabi is a beautiful lady and she likes me very much. Within few days we became very friendly. When bhaiya wanted to take bhabi to Lucknow because he was sick so bhabi compelled me to come with them. But I avoided as I did not want to become Kabab me haddi. But bhabi was very clever, she told mother to persuade me as I can get better education there and she will also not feel bore in a new place. At the time my final exam was completed, So my parents compelled me to go with them to Lucknow for my better future. Finally I agreed.
Bhaiya was staying in an apartment. That was a two bed room house with attached bathroms. Our immediate neighbor was a Brahmin. He had a daughter Sunita who was one year junior to me. I got admission in the school where Sunita was also reading. After knowing this Sunita became very happy and started coming to me frequently. So within very few days she became a good friend of mine. As it was my 10th and I had to appear Board Exam. Tuition was very much necessary. Sunita informed me that there is Mr. Mannu, who takes tuition that also to only 10th standard student. Since my brother had to remain busy with his job he could not help me, so my bhabi took me to our head master along with Sunitha. We went to the house Mr. Mannu. He was a handsome, tall person around 6.2 height aged around 40 yrs. He was staying with his wife . When bhabi met Mr. Mannu , she was surprised and in turn Mr. Mannu also. There I came to know that bhabi was known to him , as she met him in her relations house few years back . Bhabi now was feeling confident in giving the proposal of tuition which he gladly accepted. From the next day our tuition started. There I found new friends who were reading in my school as well as in other schools also. Again after school started many friends got closed to me.

We were taking tuition in his residence as he was staying alone as his wife had gone to her parents house . He was very brilliant and very methodological in his teaching. His way of teaching and solving the problems was so good. Bhabi also used to praise him. Thus I was impressed with him and his personality. Every week in tution he takes test on Monday in any one subject, so from Saturday he gives us the course of studies for the test. Sunday was holiday on which we got time to prepare. On one Saturday I could neither attend tuition nor school as my bhabi was ill. I was Worried about the subject and its course of studies. Bhabi suggested me why don't you get it froom Richa. Richa was staying in another apartment. On Sunday morning I went to her house along with Sunita. There Richa's mother told that she had already gone to Mannu sir for some solution. I thought I should not waste time and I should also go to sir. Sunita was insisting to go with me but I returned her. I reached there within 15 minutes. I knocked the door, but no body responded. The door was little opened I entered in the house stealthly. No one was in the tuition room, but where is Richa? I asked myself. I got scared and I was to come back I heard some sound from the bed room. I thought perhaps sir is giving some secret tips for exam. I without making any sound went near the bed room door. There I tried to see them through the key hole. Oh God, what the hell they were doing! Oral sex! Oh sit! I got myself angry and thought to comeback and tell everybody about the real character of our innocent looking sir. But for a while curiosity raised from my deep corner. I thought let me see the whole picture.Richa was kneeled down in half naked (in panty and bra only) and sir was standing in nude. Richa had caught the cock of sir and sucking that like a choco bar Ice cream. Sir was moaning with pleasure You are sooo sexy aaaa sooooooo.sweeeettttttt, suck. Meeeeeeee morrrrrrre. Baby.

She was down on her knees as she gracefully wrapped her warm silk lips around his throbbing cock which was about 7 inch long and 2.5 wide. She could not manage to fit the whole of it and therefore circled her tongue around the head of his cock which went deep down towards her throat. Sir grabbed hold of her head and moved it back and forth, fucking her mouth. As her silky lips squeezed his cock trying to forcefully suck the juice out of it, she wrapped her hands around his butt pulling it from behind making his cock slip in more inside her mouth. I thought myself what a whore Richa is!Sir slowly stood her up looked into her eyes and started kissing her passionately on her lips for a minute, whilst his hands started to roam vigorously both her boobs. He was squuzing her boobs gently rubbing the nipples. Richa could not control her and opened the bra hook and threw the bra away. Then sir took his right hand around her right thigh and stopped over her moist cunt. There he inserted his one finger straight away inside her panty. She gasped at that, held her breath for about a second and then closed her eyes shut, as he started to finger her cunt rapidly. Richa was getting wild. Sir pulled down her panty .He then spread her legs wide, as she rested on her elbows backwards. Sir then started to kiss down her stomach and then around her groin as she tilted her head back her eyes shut and moaning quietly in pleasure, and then started to lick her clitoris sending shock waves through her body. Soon he inserted his tongue right into her pussy, and rubbing it up to her clit. She could not hold on anymore and bought her milky thighs over his shoulder. All she could gasp was sir, oh sir, I can't take it fuck me please make ooooounh me your slut let me be the .unh aahhhhhh ! Sir moved down to her ears licked them gently, and then whispered something. Looking this I was getting horny but controlled myself and continued watching.

She slowly parted her thighs, slowly, slowly first the head of his cock went in, after that he slowly pushed in inch by inch as she whimpered clinging onto him with all her might. Bit by bit the whole of his cock travelled through the entrance of her cunt. Richa was moaning louder aahhhhhhh eeeeeeehhhhh. Margaeeeeeeeeee oohhhhhhhh sir please After some time sir increased his speed. He was fucking Richa violently. Oh my God! My head started reeling. I came out of that house and without looking back returned to our appartment.That day I could not concentrated on any thing. When bhabi asked the reason I simply replied..nothing . However again in the evening I went to Richa and took the details required for the test. But I could not do well in the test as I was very upset. Mannu Sir also did not ask anything as he thought this was due to my absence on Saturday.After that all my regards & beliefs on Mannu sir washed away. Whenever any body praises him I just avoid to listen that. But I could not quit tuition as I had no courage to tell the reason to bhaya and bhabi.

As I was vey good and sincere in my study Sunita often comes to me whenever she finds any difficulty. Most of the nights she also sleeps with me as we used to study together till late night. After some days bhabi went to her mayke ( parents house ) for her Godh Bharaee and she was to stay there till her delivery. So I had to see all the jobs of home. Sunita was a good girl. She was always helping me. But inspite of that I got late for tuition in the morning. Sir was knowing the problem hence he was not getting annoyed, rather he was giving some extra time for me after all departs. It was Thursday, after our tuition, he told me to press his shirt . While I was busy with ironing, sir grabbed my boobs from my behind. I all of a sudden got shocked and threw his hands and ran away with my books. I was shivering tremendously. My mouth was getting dry. I could not do any thing that day. I stopped going tuition for 2 days. When bhaiya asked I avoided by pretending I was not well. When Sunita insisted I went on Saturday for the tuition . Before the end of the tuition ,he told me to meet him once all had gone , so that he can check my work . so after everyone had gone , i kept on waiting for Mannu sir , who had gone in other room for some work. After some time he came in and was looking very normal, no mark of worriness, nothing. I stood silently bending my head down. He was alone in that room. My heart was beating very fast. He broke the silence and asked why you are not coming for tuition? I did not utter a word. He again said oh! I think you are angry with me. O.k. What do you think. If you don't agree I shall force you? Never, I know my limit. I don't try with every body but to whom I wanted I got. You may be an exception. What ever it may be you should not stop the tuition as it is no way linked with your education. If you don't want I shall never touch you, promise. I was listening to him without speaking any thing. He again said but can you say me what do you think of this sex Listining the word sex I started breathing heavily. His furious fulk to Richa, his squeezing of my boobs danced in my eyes. He continued in my opinion it is just a physical relation between a male and female for enjoymrnt, nothing else, all others are taboos, made by this bloody human to cotroll. What control, you control your self for your husband, but can you give guarantee your husband will be an honest person. When god has gifted us a source of enjoyment why shall we wait for him/her whom we don't know? I have fucked many girls in my life, even to your bhabi when I was his Teacher. Is there any harm to their married life? So don't think that all are thinking in the way you think. I got shocked listening from him that he has fucked bhabi also. What a bastard, I scolded him without uttering. He again told Oh sorry! I have forgotten the main purpose of calling you. I came to know that yesterday was your bith day. Richa told me. I always give some gifts to my tuition student on their birth days, but they were inviting me for a party, but you just cheat ha! ha!....ha!!!!!!! Saying this he handed me a packet wrapped with color papers. I was reluctant to hold that but he insisted and told me that I should not discontinue tuition and should come from Monday. He again advised if I want I can come to his house tomorrow to get touched with the subject and course of studies for the test on Monday. I brought that gift and without opening the wrapper I kept that in the godrej. That night I could not concentrated on any thing. I could not study. I was feeling sever head ache. Sunita helped me in cooking. She went to her home for dinner and told that she will sleep with me. After bhaiya took dinner I wanted to eat but could not. I waited for Sunita when she came I told I am not feeling well, I am going to sleep, if you want you can read for more time. I went up to the bed and closed my eyes. All the word was stinging my ears repeatedly.

Sex is a physical relation between a male and female.Can you give guarantee.. I have fucked your bhabi.. I was thinking poor bhaiya he got a girl as his wife who is not a virgin and fucked by her teacher. I hated my bhabi to whom I was loving very much. I shobbed silently. I don't know when I got asleep. With some sound I awaked. Light was off, but due to street light the room was quite visible. Sunita was in my side. But who is on her? Oh God! This is bhaiya who was fucking her very hard. I scold sunita my self, shameless bitch, at this age she dared to do this act in the bed where I am with her. And brother, for whom I was showing my sympathy what is he doing? Being a married man he was fucking Sunita. Sunita was not able to control her self and moaning uuhhhhhh..aaaahhhh. I was watching their play helplessly. Then Bhaiya took Sunita on the groud and fucked her hard in doggie style. Oh God! What a society we are living in? I asked my self. Slowly I felt that Mannu Sir was telling the real truth. I selt as if his every word was true and real. Sunita after a great fucked came to the bed and slept with cheerful smiling face, as if she has been rewarded for her judicious acts.
I waked up and left the bed in very early morning. Sunita was still sleeping. I finished my daily job and got bathed. I opened the godrej for my dress, I saw the gift pack. I took that my hand and opened slowely. To my surprise it was a pair of beautiful dress made of thin cotton. I wore that dress, but it was semi transparent, hence I had to wear bra although I was not regularly using them. I took little make up with powder and cream only and looked at Sunitha, she was awake now. She asked are u going some where? I replied I am going to Mannu Sir to make up my absence period in tuition. If bhaiya asks please tell him and give him his bed tea. I picked up the books and proceeded towards Sir's residence. On the way to his residence many things were running in my mind and also I was getting horny thinking of all sex plays occurred in front of me.

It was about 6.30A.M when I reached at his residence. I knocked the door, he called .. come in, the door is open. I entered in the house it was semi dark as he was preparing our question papers for the test on The table using a table lamp. He looked at me and smiled and told to switch on the light of the room. I switched the light on. Looking in the dress gifted by him he became happy and murmered wow you were looking gorgeous He told me you sit here I am coming in a minute. He went to his bed room. I was really embarrassed and my heart was beating like an express train. I did not sit and bending my head down stood near the table with books in my hand pressed with my breasts. He came out and kept his hand on my shoulder and told you have not sat till now. An electric wave passed through my body. I breathed heavily and started shivering in nervousness. He took the books from me and kept on the table. Due to my heavy breathing my boobs were dancing up and down. He stared at my boobs for some time. Then he roamed his right hand on my back and asled what happened you are looking worried I did not spell a word, he then smiled amd came to my back and planted a kiss on my neck. From my back he slowly brought his hands and kept them on my boobs. Then he started to fondle my boobs. As his hand rubbed my left and then right breasts I felt excited and my nipples grew in anticipation. He pulled the zip of the top from my behind and pulled out from me. He then cupped my boobs with both hands over the bra and squeezed them simultaneously. Then he removed my bra and squeezed my naked boobs. All the time I was moaning hhhhhhhmm aaaaaahhhhhh. He then put his lips on them. I felt in heaven he started sucking my tits. I was moaning with utmost pleasure. While he was sucking me, his hands went down to my belly and then to my pussy, he put his index finger right between my cunt lips. When he started inserting the finger I screamed with pain aahhhhh.. Ohhhhhhhhh. Then he took out the finger and whispered in my ear are you a virgin ? I nodded affirmatively. He lifted the dress and slowly his hands reached my panties and he slowly dragged them down till they reached the ground. I was facing to the table. He bent me and indicated me to rest my fore arms on the table. He then inserted his cock in my vergin pussy from behind and his cock was going inside my hole. I screamed margayeeeeeee... I groaned in pain... It was like a hot thick rod which was invading me through the walls of my pussy. It was paining very much. I was crying nooooooooo. Please.leave meeeeee.. But he was entering his cock slowly bit by bit. The pain was unbearable I screamed pleeeeeeeease. Leeeeave mee. He then took out his shaft and solaced me don't worry you will enjoy after some moment, just be patient. Then he moved me and lay on the table. My heap was just on the edge of the table and from heap below legs were in hanging position. He knelt down in front of me and kissed my thigh and pubic hairs. He then slowly put his face on my pussy and inserted his tongue inside me and started giving me tongue fuck. I was just getting wild and I pressed his face more on my pussy, making him enter me deeper, suck me more...more, "yesss iit more....lick......pleasessssse suck it......". I was already dripping juice from my pussy. He was going fast and held me tightly with tongue, inserting tongue to and fro, parting my pussy lips to wide and more wide, entering deep inside, then inserted his middle finger and giving me finger fuck. I moaned with pleasure aahhhhhhhh oohhhhhhhh siirrrrrr plzzzzzz aaahhhhhhhhhh ..He realized that it was right time to take 2nd attempt. He brought some jelly from the bed room and applied on his cock as well as on my pussy. He then shifted up and holding his hard-on placed the tip at my wet pussy opening, gave a small push. His cock entered inside my juicy cunt and I screamed mmmhh ooohhhhh in pain and pleasure. Slowly he moved up and down started to ram his rock hard cock back and forth in my aching pussy. Oh God, you feel so good! So tight, So hot! He said as his cock sawed in and out of my cunt. Slow at first but then harder as I screamed for him to give it to me. His hands grabbed my ass and He pounded away, fucking me with all his might. I was as hot as I met his thrusts, moaning every time his balls slapped my clit. He was doing very fast so that I could not control myself and he made me cum and I shivered as I came but he did not stop he was ramming his cock with a great speed and I was bit surprised to see his stamina. And thinking of one thing, who says that man after 40 can not fuck hard ? I am telling the fact that he had that capability to satisfy any lady respective of their ages. I was moaning loudly, and breathing hevily. Sir was ramming my virgin cunt and squeezing my boobs like a wild tiger. My legs were pressed his waist with passion. After one and half hour continuous fuck he pulled out his cock and exploded on me spreading his hot juice on my navel, boobs and face. He rested on me for 5 minures. During this time he was caressing my boobs kissing my lips. He was whispering what a cunt you have, I had never enjoyed a girl like you before even your bhabi can not be like you. He again asked how did you feel ? I smiled. He kissed my lips deeply. We both took bath and came to the bed room I saw the clock it was 8.30AM. I was feeling great. He gave me the question papers directly instead of any tips and smiled. After that he had fucked me almost on every Sunday and holiday till I left the school.O.k.readers are u feeling horny now. Below 18 yrs virgin gal only can contact me and give their feed back on: mannuman6@gmail.com This entry was posted on 26 Aug 2009 by in Virgin
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