Walk From The School - Part II

That evening while Jessica slept two teenage boys had gotten into it as some do from their cars and began to street race around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, for one of those two boys in an attempt to miss an oncoming car he hadn't noticed he swerved and carried right into the wall that separated the house from the street on the corner of Rancher by the park. The wall quickly gave way upon impact, opening up a hole where the car had gone through.

The police at the scene took down a report and cleared out the crashed vehicle. They decided once everything was wrapping up after many hours that while the wall was down the best thing to do in the interim was replace it with "Do not cross" tape. Jessica's alarm clock went off at 7 am. The TV weather report for the day called for it be a bit on the warm side in the low to mid 80s. She rolled out of bed in a large t shirt and decided on what to wear.

She thought since summer was here she'd doll up a bit and wear a sun dress. She took a yellow sundress with a flower pattern on it and threw it onto her bed. She took a shower, did her make up paying special attention to bring out her eyes, and even squeezed in a little bit of time to picture perfectly straighten her hair into amazing long golden locks. She decided to complete the beach look with a pair of sandals. She threw on a pair of sunglasses over her head and was ready to go.

The rest of the morning came and went like other mornings Jessica got a ride to school from her mother who was for all purposes, just an older and very attractive version of her daughter. For whatever reason, Jessica's mom always took the back way with the car to her school and neither had any clue of the accident from the night before. Had she known, one would have to guess she would have avoided the walk home.

The school day came and went like all the others. A few of the boys had made a pass at her obviously being driven crazy by her looks, but she just giggled and thanked them. Meanwhile, her Rancher neighbors had spent a tough morning deciding on what to do with their beloved dog. Even though the wall was down, they didn't want to keep their dog in all day especially if it was going to be on the hot side with neither of them home.

They reluctantly decided to let him out anyway for the day hoping the "do not cross" tape would be enough of a deterrent for him to stay in the backyard. Once let out, the dog was curious as to what had happened because something in his backyard was different but after a few minutes lost interest and went into the shade and laid down.

The afternoon came and Jessica walked home and to her horror noticed part of the wall missing. She thought to herself,"Oh my God, what happened? They must have kept the dog inside. Maybe he's too scared to come out after seeing his wall go down.""Is there another way I can go? It's getting hot out here and no other streets really connect. They must have kept him inside or something."

She considered these thoughts, surveyed the situation, and decided it was getting too hot to take a chance and carried on. At the same spot she had done hundreds of times before, she switched streets. The dog in the yard on the corner of Rancher immediately did its daily ritual and ran up against the wall to park and lunge.

Only this time, rather than have wood bounce back like it was going to give way, the filmsy tape wrapped around the wooden posts of the fence began to tear. Jessica noticed this and her heart began to race and she began to walk faster past the house, maybe if walked faster and got away the dog would calm down. The dog for which she had never seen lunged a second time sensing her as she passed, and this time the tape tore completely.

He gave out one loud bark, a clearer more audible bark than Jessica had ever heard from him before and she instantly knew, "The dog is through the wall...oh shit!". A million thoughts raced through her head on what to do, she didn't know if she should freeze, run, call for help or anything.

She instinct turned around to see what was going on and made eye contact with the dog she was afraid of for four years. It was a black colored Rottweiler with chocolate brown eyes, probably 5 or 6 years old and 120 to 130 pounds. The Rottweiler could sense her fear, barked at her once, and began to give chase.

Jessica ran for what she feared was her life, her sandals were slowing her down and she could always come back for those later so she threw them off herself in one sweeping motion as she ran. She had no idea how close the Rottweiler wise but she knew she was still being chased. Her best bet would be to turn the final corner to her house and hide in the front yard where she had a small garden that was behind a wall that had small accesses on both side.

As she was running barefoot, a rock got underneath her foot and cut it. The Rottweiler never stopped giving chase but she had enough separation to get into her front yard as she had planned. With almost a slide behind the fence she was now in the dirt, her feet had hurt, and her heart was racing a mile a minute. Her front door was only a few feet away and yet it felt like a hundred miles. She waited for two minutes and when she heard nothing she figured the ordeal was over. She got up and walked to her door.

The Rottweiler was standing there on her sidewalk looking right at her. She wouldn't have time to open the door, her first thought was to just hide again in the front garden area. The Rottweiler approached where he had known her to be and let out a growl. Have to go now folks, more later. shalinichoopra@yahoo.com This entry was posted on 26 Jul 2010 by in Virgin
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