Virginty lost

Hi guys this is Riki(name changed) from Mumbai, This story is about my first experience, Me and my Dads friends daughter we used to be real cuddly with each other, we were best friends she used to take real good care of me, we used to meet ocassionally as she used to stay in a distant city away from our place, Now let me describe her, She is beautiful, tall, with a sexy figure of 34-26-32, before this incidence i never even thought about her like this.

We friends in college used to discuss about sex all the time, we even had some female friends whom we used to indulge and these talks and then let us see and fondle their tits and feel thier pussies over the top of there panties, we guys used to watch hot porn movies together late nites and i was desparate to get a girl and put my cock in her.i had a girlfriend but we didnt go to the extent, but kept fondling each other we made me even hornier.

One day when i met my dad's friends daughter at her place, i viewed her in a totally different manner, she looked like a complete sex goddess, the day went by nice and quiet we playing together, i was taking this as an advantage to feel and touch those soft mounds of her, she wasnt noticing, as night approached evrybdy had a delicious meal and decided to doze off, i got a spot next to her, as the house was very small i was in the corner with wall on one side and she on the other, slowly slowly evryone dozed off. it must have been around 1 when i kept my hand on her soft mounds and acted like i was sleeping, she rolled over and my hand went to her belly, then i felt it it was smooth as velvet, and i kept my hand roaming there for2- 3 mins this must have woken her up coz she adjusted her kameez and took away my hand, but i wasn't gng to drop down, i boldly kept my hand up again and pretended to sleep, she reluctantly let it stay, then i moved my hands to her boobs and kept it on the right one her nipple hardened under my hand and i stroked it over the cloth, she was breathing heavily and looked at me and i had shut my eyes, she noticed but didnt say anything, i increaed my pressure and started massaging her boob this was the limit i guess coz she shook me and told me not to do this, and this is wrong, but at the same time she was so excited, she had never been with a guy ever before that as she told me later, but i said no its not and planted a kiss on her lips, she was taken aback but when i continued she became relaxed and we kissed, our tongue met and we both didnt know wat else was going around,

i took my hand and went inside her kameez feeling evry little inch that smooth skin was driving me mad and the best thing was she wasn't wearing a bra, i gained access to her tits and began exploring them i stroked the nipple, scratched the areola and squeezed her boob and the whole time our lips were together, i started sucking her neck and planted kisses on her clevage, i exposed her boobs and started sucking them like mad, she was making noises like aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhh nahi itne zor se nahi ( not so hard) aaaaaahhhhhh, she couldnt make more noise as somebody might get up, so she bit her lip and was looking damn sexy, i took one full tit in my mouth and started sucking on it hard and my hand undid her salwar and went inside she tried to stop but it was a futile effort as i touched and rubbed her pussy over her panty, she was totally wet i took the panty aside and touched her pussy lips and felt not a single hair around i was happy, i touched those beautiful lips and pushed the tip of my finger inside, boy was she tight, i had inserted my finger in my girlfriends pussy lot of times but hers was never so tight, the insertion was her limit and she came her juices flowed over my hand she hugged me so tight bit me on my neck and dug her finger nails in my back, and after a few mins she relaxed, then we thoght of moving this to the kitchen as it would be empty, and we got up and went there, all this time my cock was standing and made a tent in my pyjama, she slowly touched and stroked it and then took of my pyjama and it sprang out into action, she started moving her fingers all over it and this drove me mad i started kissing her al over while she stroked my 7" penis

I took of her salwar placed her on the platform, now i spread her legs and started stroking her pussy with my cock, and she was responding in a gr8 manner she hugged me and started kissing me all over, she bit on my nipples which aroused me and my neck, as this was my first time i slowly started pushing it in and stopped whenevr she was in pain i calmed her and went on again and when my half cock was inside she relaxed and i started moving it in and out slowly i kept on doing this for 5 mins and thn increased my speed and she also started responding she was shouting ohhhh yaaaaaaa ooooooohh yyesssss do it thats it aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh and we both came at the same time, it had lasted for max 10 mins which is low as compared to my standards now a days, we both cleaned ourselves up and went back to sleep,

We never did it again but that one time was the gr8st sex i ever had till today, she is now married and lives in london, i got loads of other experiences.
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