Virginity Lost

Hi there. my name is Sajan, and I am a regular reader of Indian sex stories. this time I wanted to share my once in a life time experience I had about six months ago, with my nineteen year old cousin. I lost my virginity on that fateful day, as did she. about me; I am a twenty two year old male, reaching to about six feet in height. I have got a particularly well toned muscular frame, and, well, not bad to look at either. it all began when Saranya, the cousin I above mentioned, came to my home to stay with us for a few days.

Her intention was to complete an industrial training program which came as a part of her B.Tech course. Saranya is a fair skinned, slim, sexy girl with a height measuring about 5'8”. I always had a fondness for her, which I kept locked within myself. She too was friendly enough with me whenever we chanced to meet each other on occasions. But each and every one of those occasions were hugely public, involving every one of our family members, and other relatives. So I never really had a chance to bare out my true feeling for her, even by a hint, any time.

Naturally her stay over in my house send goose bumps all over my body.
That day evening, the day of her arrival, I returned home after spending my time with my friends, to see her sitting in the hall, talking with my mother. She was wearing a black colored salwaar-kameez, and she smiled a sweet smile at me when i entered. I masturbated that night thinking what she would be wearing underneath those clothes of hers. All I wanted was to fuck her long and hard.

But an opportune moment eluded me, till it was two days later after her arrival to my house.
I wake up every morning at six to leave for the gym to do my daily work out. That's a routine I have been following for the past five years of my life. On the third day morning I woke up at a quarter to six. After getting dressed i trode down the steps into the kitchen to fetch me a glass of water. To my surprise I saw saranya standing over there looking over a bowl of boiling water. I asked her what she was doing there so early in the morning.

Her reply was that she had to prepare a report and needed a cup of strong black tea to keep herself awake during the meantime. My parents were fast asleep in their bedroom. It would be at least half an hour more for my mother to wake up. The opportune moment had presented upon itself acting as if nothing unusual had happened I opened the fridge, fetched a bottle of water, drank a gulp from it, and asked Saranya if she wanted. She said no. Then I took a slice of bread and munched on it, offering half of it to Saranya. She was a little hesitant, but eventually accepted it, after I repeated my offer twice more.

My heart was beating fast. The whole of my body was feeling feverishly hot. The fingers were shivering for real. Yet I mustered up enough courage and asked her to kiss me, pointing towards my cheek. Her eyes went wide with surprise, and she blushed a little, nevertheless she did manage a smile, and asked – 'what for?' I just said – 'simply do it, Saranya'. And she did it! Saranya placed her soft, pink lips on my cheek and kissed me. A wave of high voltage electricity passed over my entire body. I looked at her, passion screaming through my eyes, and said – 'now its my turn'.

I held her by the back of her head, brought her close to me, and placed a kiss on her cheek. Her smile went wide, so did that shine in her eyes. I said one more and kissed her again. She didn't stop me. That made me more daring than any time I had gone in the past. I said to her – 'one more, this time on the lips'. Her smile vanished. Looking away from me, she said – 'I can't do that'. I asked her why not. I begged her, implored with her for a lip-to-lip kiss. She turned off the stove and turned around to leave, muttering she can't.

Desperation overcame me. I got hold of her by the waist, pulled her towards me, and brought my face closer towards her. She turned it away, saying she can't. But, encouragingly enough, she wasn't saying it loud; she was whispering it to me. I kissed on her cheek, and she continued to resist me from making turn her face towards me. I put out my tongue and licked on her skin. She made a sound of disgust as she felt the slippery warmth of my saliva on her cheek. But her resistance towards me decreased, and

I was able to turn around her face, and I felt my lips getting tucked in between hers. I sensed her own saliva on my mouth. I kissed her long and hard. Then she pushed me away. It was only then that I realized that I had my eyes closed till that moment. Saranya didn't say anything to me. She just walked briskly away. Meekily I left for the gym. No need to say, I was more than preoccupied while completing my workout at the gym. I was all confused, and to an extent being tortured within my mind.

On one end I had this strange, new excitement that pumped though my veins, and at the same time I had this feeling of remorse which slowed down all of it quite drastically. I needed some advice. So I decided to bring into confidence a buddy of mine at gym. His name was Nithin. Nithin was four years senior to me, and had a lot experience dealing with all sorts of girls for the past so many years. I told him about the incident. He didn't give me any advice, he never said anything about right or wrong, he didn't tell me what i should do or what i shouldn't.

Instead he told be to buy some condoms, saying – 'you can never tell when you will be needing one'. I was taken aback. I tried telling him that Saranya wasn't anyway pleased with my behavior that morning. All Nithin said to that was – 'you never know, son!' it was almost as if he knew what was going to happen. Anyway i did buy me a couple of condoms from a medical store nearby, and shoved them into my bag. I couldn't muster up enough courage to go back home immediately. I hung around with my friends all day long and retuned back only by nightfall.

Nervousness was making me almost sick as i got into the house. But to my relief, mother and father didn't had a clue about what had transpired between me and Saranya the very morning. Everything was normal expect for that Saranya was nowhere to be seen. When i casually enquired about her to my mother her reply was that she was in her room, busy writing down notes. I didn't get to see her at the time of dinner either. Under the pretext of tiredness,

Saranya had her meal a whole hour earlier than the usual time, and had locked herself in her room. Naturally I was very downcast with Saranya avoiding me this way. I got into my bed, switched off the lights, and lay there, with a thousand thoughts and notions bursting upon my mind's surface. I have this habit of locking the door to my room every night before I get to sleep. That habit came to me since the time i began masturbating. On this time too I wanted to, Recalling the feel of Saranya's lips over mine, masturbate all my fantasies out. But I just couldn't! I just lay there, wide awake, unaware of the passing of time. A little after midnight I heard a faint knock on the door. At first i thought it was just my mind making things up. But the knock was heard for a second time. I got up and opened the door. I should have been shocked to see Saranya standing in front of me, but strangely, almost mesmerizingly,

I wasn't; as if somewhere within me I knew she would be coming for me. Saranya didn't smile. She just stepped into the room. I closed back the door, and switched on the lights. There she stood before me, her hair falling loose over her shoulders, wearing a pink top and an ankle length, green colored skirt. My heart was in danger of jumping out though my throat – such was the state of my being. I had on my pants, and nothing else. Standing bare chest in front of her, i asked – 'what's it Saranya?'

Why did you do that to me in the morning?' - she asked, looking right into my eye. 'do what?' - i asked back. She took her beautiful eyes off from me and said – 'why did you kiss me?'. I took a step closer towards her. 'i don't know' – said i, and took hold of her by her waist. She tried to stop me, but only meekly, as if she wasn't trying to at all. I felt the softness of her skin, underneath her thin clothes on my palms. She was looking down on the floor below. I reached down to her, and touched on her forehead with my lips. I kissed her hair, her cheeks and then her lips. Saranya never showed any sign of a hesitation.

We kissed each other, long and hard, relishing the feeling of each others lips, and tongue. In between that my hands travelled though her soft, but firm breasts, held them squeezed them, felt the hardness of her nipple, then her stomach, her navel, then to her back and held her there, gripping tightly on her butt-cheeks. Finally, after a long  time, our lips got separated. We were both racing in our breaths.

I touched her face once more with my hands which were shivering all too visibly, and which had gone as cold as ice. I guided her to my bed. She lay there. I sat down beside her, and was about to cover over her when Saranya stopped me one last time. She didn't say anything, but just looked at me in a meaningful manner. I understood the point. I got up, opened my bag, and took out one of the two condoms i had bought that day morning. Saranya smiled; she almost laughed. 'you were expecting this weren't you?' –

She half joked. ' not in my wildest of dreams!' - i replied. Keeping the condom at a distance easy to reach, i bent down over her on the bed and kissed her again, but this time i didn't stop with the lips; i went to her neck, on to her bosom, on to her stomach... i kissed her everywhere where i could reach, and each time she made a muffled up sounds of erotic moans which just sent me crazy.

My hands slowly travelled by itself, reaching the lower part of her skirt, and slowly pulled up the fine line up. My palms and fingers caressed her calves, her knees, her round thighs, till they came into contact with her panty. There i stopped. I wanted to see it! I wanted to see her panties, I wanted to see the color of those. I forced myself up from the warmth of her body, and looked. They were dark blue in color, the color i had fantasized on while i masturbated thinking of Saranya on the first day of her arrival! It was then that i actually got to see her legs naked. Those were long, shaped, and smooth. Once again i let my hands travel all over them, with my eyes feasting upon it. I played with her pussy over her panty cloth, which had already gotten wet. Saranya was at this time looking intently at me, running her hand through my hair occasionally.

I pulled down her panties and saw the curly hair that crowned her womanhood. My fingers brushed over it, beneath it, feeling the wetness on her pussy lips, and then went inside it, just barely, which was enough to make Saranya gasp, and jerk her half way off from the cot she then laid back just as speedily and laughed an unsure sort of laugh. I slipped of her panties completely off from her long legs and looked at her, lying with her skirt pulled up above her waist, naked at the bottom.

If not for the wetness of her orgasmic fluid in my fingers, i wouldn't have believed this to be for real. 'enough of this, let's get naked' – said I 'alright' – Saranya agreed. She sat upright and slipped off her top, petticoat, and her skirt over her head. I saw Saranya fully naked for the first time. Her body was curvy, with breasts resembling a ripe mango, both in shape and size. I was looking on at her naked body while i took off my pants. From the corner of my eye, i saw Saranya looking amusingly at my six inch dick. I looked at her and asked – '

What?' she came close, and touched my dick lightly with her fingers, feeling its hardness. 'it's indeed wonderful' – she said. Then she held it within her palms and squeezed it by a bit. I almost cummed right there! Then she ran her fingers through my thighs, and chest, and nipples and all sorts of places. We were enjoying the sight of each other naked in one bed, so close to each other. By this time our nervousness, and our tension had eased somewhat.

Saranya was laughing more regularly, and i was trying my best to lighten the mood further up by making silly remarks.
'so, do you know how it is to be done?' - Saranya asked me suddenly.
'i have seen it on some video clips' – i replied rather sheepishly
'you mean you have never done this before?'- saranya asked, she sounded a little surprised.
'no' – i replied – 'what about you?'
'never before in my life, but i too have seen the video clips.' - she said.

Saranya then made me lie down on the bed, and held my dick in her hand. She slowly brought her mouth closer and closer towards my dick; i felt her hot breadth on it's skin. I saw her open her mouth a bit unsurely, and putting my dick inside her mouth. At first it was just the warmth, but then she used her tongue and then i felt the warmth, the wetness and the softness of her tongue. The experience was worth a life time of craving for sex. I closed my eyes to enjoy it completely. She licked by dick, by balls, my nipples, my lips, and then again my dick.

It went on for some time, till I stopped her and made her lie down. It was her turn now, for if she was to carry on with any further, I would have cum, and I didn't wanted to cum before I got to please her as best as I could. I paced myself right between her legs, and spread those legs wide apart as far as it could go. I used my tongue to lick her pussy, penetrate it, and lick the inside of it. Saranya's muffled up moans got louder and louder with each time, and finally I had to close her mouth with my free hand.

She bit on it rather sharply to prevent herself from making noise audible enough to be carried downstairs. But i liked that pain. I caressed her inner thighs, her ass, her asshole, her navel, her breasts, on whose nipples i sucked almost with a sense of vengeance, i pulled her hair, bit her lips, kissed her neck, and it went on....
then Saranya pulled me up and said – 'lets do it!'
she picked up the condoms, bit it open, and unfolded the rubber material. Neither she nor i was much aware on how to put a condom on a dick.

We had some actual funny moments trying to get it right; she holding my dick and trying to slip it in, i helping her now and then. Anyway finally it was done and the fateful moment had arrived. Saranya laid on the bed, on her back. I opened her legs wide and brought my erect dick close to her pussy and caressed on its surface. Saranya had almost cum by then itself, her pussy was that much wet. I looked at her, and saw her awaiting for the sweet climax, clutching on the bed sheet tightly with her fingers.

I too was in a state of utmost breathlessness. What we are going to experience was something that we had only seen and heard so much about till then in our lives. Neither of us had any idea what or how it was going to be. I pushed my dick forward. An over whelming feeling of spellbounding wave of warmth rushed all through my veins. I pushed my dick still forward, and that new sort of feeling got increasing in intensity. And then i had my dick completely inside saranya's wet pussy.

Saranya moaned, which actually was more like a small scream, and then she bit her lips, closing her eyes tight shut. I too couldn't find the energy to keep my eyes opened, so i closed them, and with each passing moment i found myself getting weaker and weaker, till i finally cummed and fell dead weight on top of saranya's naked bossom.
We lay there, still, perspiring, panting, and silent. I asked saranya – 'how was it to you?', and she just said – 'holy fuck!!' i pulled myself enough to reach to her face and once again kissed her on the lips.

I had done it. The tag of being a virgin was forever vanquished from my life, and no one in the world would have taken more pleasure in doing it than me, and i had to thank saranya for it.
But we couldn't lie there all night long, even though we honestly wanted to. After about fifteen minutes, Saranya said she better get back to her room now. Although not exactly enthusiastic about it, i still agreed. She got up, stood naked beside the bed and started to pick up her clothes from the floor. She stood bent over, showing her curvy ass to me, and i realized my dick was hardening up again.

How lucky for me it was to buy two condoms instead of just one!! Without giving a hint of it to Saranya, i got that second condom from my bag, and after removing the used one from my dick, i inserted the new one. Saranya had already put on her panties, and was now about to put on her petticoat when i got her from behind, piercing hard on her ass with my hardened dick. Saranya was taken aback completely, she turned round to face me and asked – 'didn't you had enough?', and i said - 'it's never enough'.

I made her stand bent over on the bed with her supporting herself with her hands. I pulled down her blue panties, almost tearing it in the process. Like a dog fucking his bitch, i penetrated my dick onto Saranya's pussy for the second time that night, and this time i was able to ride in and out of it. I thrust back harder each time i pulled out, and each time, saranya almost screamed with pleasure. I got hold of her long hair with my one had and held on it like if i was riding a horse.

With my other hand i held her butt-cheeks, her breasts, her stomach, the back of her neck, and in each of these regions i held tightly, squeezing them hard, almost painfully. But Saranya seemed only to enjoy what i did. Atlast I cummed for the second time that night, but not before Saranya had made that final, decisive moan of ultimate satisfaction. This time it was she who just fell into the bed. She looked up into me, and said, her eyes shining with tears of pleasure – 'too bad you don't have a girlfriend to enjoy your capabilities'.

She didn't lie down for long. Forcing herself up, she put on the rest of her clothes, while i tucked away the used condoms to a safe place, to be disposed of discreetly the next morning, and got into my pants. Fully dressed, Saranya turned towards me and said – 'don't get to sleep tomorrow either. I will come as soon as uncle and aunty is asleep, alright?', and i said – 'otherwise i am coming to you'. We kissed each other one last time, feeling the warmth and softness of the other's body, and parted for the night. I relocked the door, switched off the lights, and got back on my bed. A night truly unforgettable for the rest of my life.

P.S - If you would believe it, i cum one more time that night, having a wet dream sometime in my sleep. I became conscious of it in the morning, when i found that very similar round patterned region of wetness over my pant clothes. This entry was posted on 2 May 2010 by in Virgin
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