With Servant Ramesh

By: Anita3614

Hi everyone this is my first story in ISS. Let me introduce myself. I am Anita from Mumbai. My age is 23 and I’m married to Ravindere who lives in Dubey. We are married a year back. It was an arranged marriage. I live here with my MIL and FIL. My height is 5’4” and weight is 56 Kg. My asset is 34 27 35. I am Good looking girl. My Email ID is anita_3614@yahoo.com.in

This incident which I am going to tell happens with me 2 month before. As I my hubby work in Dubey we don’t have any problem of money. After marriage my 1 month was great with my hubby but after he went to Dubey my life was horrible in the sense of sex. 2-3 month went like this only but after tht I was out of control. I start masturbating with figure or any other thing at home.

In my house I stay with my FIL and MIL and to help us we have two servants and a driver. One day in the noon time when I was alone (As my in law had gone to village to look after the harvest of crop) I was masturbating with a Kheera in my room. I was fully naked tht time. Suddenly I heard the opening of my room door. I came to sense and found that I did not lock my door at all. I found my servant Ramesh at door.

He was shocked to see me. Till than I tried to cover my self with bed sheet which I succeeded also. But cucumber was inside my pussy only. He told me that he is there to clean my room. I said ok. When I got up and start walking to bathroom my cucumber slipped from pussy. He was shocked to see that. He asked me wht is it and said tht he will tell to my in law.

Anita: No please don’t tell about this to anyone.
Ramesh: Why are you doing this thing then?

Then I told him my entire problem. To which he replied.
Ramesh: Madam you are right. I will not tell this to anyone.
I was relaxed and thanked him.
Ramesh: But madam why are you trying cucumber.
Anita: Than wht to do. I use cucumber, brinjal or candle only.

Ramesh: why r u trying Artificial thing. Get a real thing.
I was shocked to his word and also understood what he means. But I behaved normal.
Anita: From where I will get real one.
To which he immediately replied
Ramesh: Madam I am here for your help only.

I denied him and told no. To which he said that what the problem is and also warned that otherwise he will tell to my in law about all this. He immediately took out his lungi and showed me his lund and said.

Ramesh: See this is much better than cucumber. Why don’t you try it? I was shocked to see his lund. It was 9 inches and thick also. My hubby had 6” only. I was horny by seeing this and accepted his offer. But also told him tht don’t disclose to anyone. He got ready for the contract.

He went and closed the door and asked me to remove bed sheet. I did as he said.
He directly jumped on me and kissed me.
Ramesh: Madam you are so beautiful. I was having my eye on you since the first day you came.
Anita: Don’t call me madam, now I’m Anita for you.
Ramesh: Ok Anita.

He than kissed me for 5 min. He seems to be expert in all this. By the time he pressed my boobs also. Then he went a bit far and removed his all cloth. He was a muscular man with good amount of hair on his body. His age was 35 big tall and brownish. Than he asked me

Ramesh: Will you suck my cock?
Anita: Don’t ask question. Do all as you wish and order me to do that.
Ramesh: Ok
Ramesh: My sweet Anita, my slut, come and suck my cock.

I went and got on my knees and start sucking his lund. It was a bit smelly. But I like it and continued. I sucked it for 5 min. I even deep throated it also. We bring tear in my eye. He sucked all my tear which I liked. Than he picked me up and put on my bed. We went into 69 positions. He was a good sucker too. He continued till I exploded my lava.

He then took me in doggy position and kept his lund on my pussy. I was dying of it. He rubbed there for a minute and thn without any warning he pressed his lund deep in my pussy. As it was fully lubricated it went fully inside with slight pain to me. I screamed ahhhh, He said Kutia u will like it now he countinue ramping me. I was in seventh heven enjoying a real lund after about 6 month.

He ramped me for an hour taking slight break and changing position. In tht time I have exploded 3-4 times. After 1 hour he asks that he want to cum. Where should he. I told not in my pussy. Than he withdraw his lund and put in my mouth. After few minute he exploded his cum in my mouth which I drank till last drop. We took rest after that. I felt sleepy. I slept in his arm.

When I got up I found his cleaning my room naked only. I was too naked. I went to him and kissed him. We again have one round in the bathroom while bathing. After that day I was like his wife. Approximately every day or night we were having sex taking care of in law. He later introduced me to other servant and driver and some of his friend which I will tell you in my next story after getting your comments. Thanks.

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