With 4th servant lady

Hi this is Kumar, thanks to all ISS reader for appreciating my previous story. This time it was with my servant lady, as every one know in Hyderabad getting a good looking servant is very rare. I have changed 3 servant ladies as some time they were lazy or cunning or not good at work. But at last the fourth was well set in all the case. Her name is Geetha, She was in her mid thirties having a good figure as athletic, but as I mentioned in my previous story I don’t give preference to outlook she was very good at work so I got impressed and given a raise in her salary. She was happy and now she talks more freely to me as I was still a bachelor, often she use to tease me, sometime she will start to tell about her family life and suddenly she will stop and will tell what you know after all you’re a bachelor, as I will be busy in going to office I wont give much interests.
Normally I will give off on Sunday to her but as she took in week day she on a fine Sunday as will be sleeping late in Sunday usually will working she started to tell her problem that time I gave attention to her words. She said everyday her husband use to beat and ask doubtful questions whether she had sex with the house owner were she works... Here I stopped her and ask why like this then she started crying and said that he is not in position to have sex and he know this as this insecurity made him to thing like this.
Then I asked what you will do if you need sex.

She kept her grim and said how can tell all this to other man. Then I went near to her grabbed her hips she got angry but did not protested I took this time I tried to kiss her lips, but she protested and said please don’t do this and left her and said I wont force you but the talk were inviting so I did I apologized her. That day I masturbated for 5 to 7 times and next day it was normal day but she kept quite, I asked why she said, ‘she had been thinking whole day what happened, i felt some chemical reaction inside and now I’m feeling very shy to see you I don’t know why’. Then I said I will tell you why and I grabbed her but today she is not frightened but kept here head down and feeling shy I lifted face and planted a kiss in her lips, that tasted good, she too responded by hugging me tightly, I removed her saree instantly and kissed her shoulder and parallel I was remove the blouse hooks located backside.

She put her hand inside my trouser and rubbing my butt that felt so nice slowly she was more into love making as she was more experienced I kept quite then I removed her blouse and her boobs which were so perfectly hanging I asked her the size, she said it is 34 I bend down to suck those lovely melon while sucking, as I was sucking she was telling it has been untouched for more years then I said I lucky to get you. Now we started to remove our cloths and went to bed and hugging like any thing she asked me can I lick her I said that I love to do the we were in 69 position and while sucking her pussy the aroma felt so nice to me and now she shouted she needs my cock inside. And I turned to reverse position and inserted my cock it was moving smoothly inside and I asked her whether she get fucked regularly, for that she said no that is because of masturbation. That session was quick as I have to rush to office in morning, while going to office I said how about tonight, she smile and went.

I came to as usually late at 8pm but she was waiting for I asked she said she is waiting for a long time then I took her inside I asked her about her husband she said he went to village and will be back after 2days. What else whole night fucking in different positions. Next day I took off and exploring whole day she served me nude whole day. Send your comments and reply, so aunties and girls in Hyderabad and Chennai can contact me in lonelyinhyderabad@yahoo.co.in. This entry was posted on 10 Mar 2007 by in Maid Servant
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