Whose fault it is 2

This is a fiction and any resemblance of characters with any living being is regretted. Still I remain an amateur writer, and seek your feedback. Please check first part before you start to read this. Aruna was lying on the bed. It was 9.30 pm and she was alone in the house. Arun was still on tour and was not to arrive for three days more. Her in-laws had gone to attend a function at their relative’s house in nearby city and would be arriving next day. Her children also accompanied them. She was told to keep health and be getting fully healed from the accident three days back. The loneliness was getting to her. She could not resist the thoughts of what happened three days back. The events, happened at that evening, were constantly occupying her mind. The fierce fucking she got had been on her mind than the pain in her back and left leg. The back and leg had healed but still her pussy was having effects of the fucking she got. Against her wishes her body was demanding to get fucked again. She was feeling the heat in her body but by some inner strength she had avoided the need and hadn’t gone out of the house.

Sudhakar also had avoided their house and the business was run by phone only. When she had phoned to factory today evening, he was on phone. One sentence from him sent tingling in her body. Taai, thik aahe ka? Sagalikadache dukhane thambale ka? Ki ajunahi maalish pahije? (Taai, are you OK? Has all the pain stopped or you need more massage?) She answered, “All is well and the pain had stopped.” But after the phone the thought of that massage she got, hardened her nipples and wetness was formed in her pussy. She was fighting with her body to keep the happenings to one odd happening, but contrary to her wishes the body demanded more of that. The night outside was cool and the westward moon was ready to darken it fully in an hour. She got up and went to the balcony to get the feel of the cool air. She was hoping that passing some time in this cool weather might cool down her heated body. Outside there, a small breeze was on. She could see some distant lights and nobody was on the road. The fragrance of Ratarani (after dusk flower) was in the air. She could see that Sudhakar was still awake from the light in the servant quarters. She also saw that her neighbor Asha hadn’t also slept yet. Asha was a 28-year-old married lady. She was also of the same village from where Aruna was born.

But she was younger by five years than Asha and her husband now was in USA on company contract for last one year. She had a 3-year baby girl, but because of her job in the bank she had to live alone instead of at the in-laws at Pune. She had an Ayah, who lived in her servant quarters along with her husband. Her servant quarters were in dark and Aruna was thinking if she could meet Asha to have a chat to get rid of the loneliness. While in these thoughts she saw a shadow come out of Asha’s servant quarters. It approached Asha’s house and without waiting, opening the door went inside the house. When the door opened she could see that the shadow was a man. Aruna’s mind was in turmoil. What was a man doing at Asha’s house at this time of the night? The Ayah’s husband must be looking after her personal needs. What they must be doing? Was he like Sudhakar? She remembered that she had met the husband Shankar only three or four times. He was of strong physique and of same caste of Sudhakar. Wondering what to do, her curiosity prevailed and locking her door she started to Asha’s house wearing the night robe only.

Aruna entered the front veranda of Asha’s house, which was a small bungalow with verandas in front and back. She saw that the front window was covered from curtains but a crack was there. She tried it and was stunned to see Asha sitting on Shankar’s lap on the sofa. Her top was naked and Shankar’s big hands were mauling the big melons from behind. He was kissing her neck and Asha was moaning, her eyelids closed. Asha’s hands were on her head and she was trying to get to Shankar’s neck. Aruna could see Shankar’s body from sideways. He was also naked and she observed his strong muscles. They were glowing in the bright light. Shankar’s one hand traversed its way to Asha’s pubic mound slowly. Asha parted her legs and Aruna could see her fully shaven pussy. Few drops of the oozing were coming out of the puss lips and Shankar’s hand reached it. He started to massage her lips there and Asha’s body started to buck. Aruna was unable to hear much, but she could imagine Asha moaning. Shankar’s hands were working a frantic rhythm now. Asha started to stroke his hand.

Meantime Aruna was so heated that she upped her robe and started to feel her wet pussy. She was wearing nothing but the robe, so now she was naked from waste downwards. Her other hand went for her bosom and she started to pinch the already hardened nipples. She saw Asha get up and face Shankar. In that few fraction of minutes Aruna had a glimpse of Shankar’s tool as it sprang upwards. It must be 8-9 inches long she thought. She was stunned by Asha’s next action. Asha knelt to Shankar and took his cock in her mouth and started to eat it like a chocolate. Aruna had not seen or performed oral sex till yet. Now she was also able to see Shankar’s cock fully in-between. She thought that it was longer but somewhat thinner than Sudhakar’s cock and surely big in both ways than Arun’s. Shankar’s hands were on Asha’s head and he was almost fucking his cock in strokes to her moth now. He got up from the sofa removing his cock from Asha’s moth and knelt her on the sofa. Now Asha’s hands were on the sofa and her well shaped fully round buttocks were hanging in air. Shankar came from behind her touching his shaking cock to her butts. He knelt forward and grabbed Asha from behind. His hands must have grabbed her globes and he was desperate to find her hole. Asha’s right hand came around and grabbed his cock in her hand. She gave it few strokes and parting her legs further adjusted the tip to her pussy entrance. Shankar pushed forward and the head of his cock inched inwards. Shankar removed his hands from her globes and adjusted them to grab Asha from waist. Now he started to stroke her slowly. Aruna could see his cock appearing and disappearing in the hole. Asha was now fondling his balls and moaning. She was also in rhythm with Shankar’s strokes. She was frantic now and moaned loudly. Shankar’s strokes speeded up and now grunting he started to fuck her furiously. Asha had to grab the sofa to keep her balance and her face was now dug in the sofa.

Seeing this live performance Aruna was excited to full. She did not knew, when three of her fingers entered her pussy and were performing the fucking. She had lost the time and place and she was acting like a wanton slut now. Now she had placed her right leg on a stool nearby and her pussy opened fully. Her hand was trying to act like a cock but she wanted some real cock to fuck her badly. She moaned and murmured, Oh nobody is there to fuck me. Oh Arun, Oh Sudhakar, come. Come anybody and fuck me. Fuck. Just then she felt a hand on her butt. She tried to turn behind but now she was grabbed from behind and she felt like some hot rod touching her bums from behind. She was out of her mind now. The first touch of that cock and she wanted it badly in her. Her hand stopped playing with her pussy and grabbed the cock. The man behind her grabbed and started to maul her already swollen nipples with his left hand and his other hand caressed her butts from behind. His hand went further and he started to rub the palm on her pussy. The palm was separating her pussy lips and rubbing the whole inside which was wet with her pussy oozing. His lips were on her neck from behind and now Aruna was in very heated up state. That hand rubbing was making her frantic. She started to rub her clit and sensed a orgasm building up.

Sensing her excited position, the man said, Taai, waka khali. Aatlyapramanech zawato tumhala (Taai, kneel down, I will fuck you just like what you are seeing inside.) Aruna knew then that it was Sudhakar and she knelt in front keeping her hands on the windowsill. Sudhakar adjusted himself and pushed forward. His thick cock started to inch to her bottommost. Once he reached there he withdrew fully and pushed fully to the brim in one stroke. Aruna was pushed forward, but she held her balance. Sudhakar fucked her like a dog fucking a bitch, which Aruna had become now. She also co-operated him by moving her pelvis. Loud moans were escaping her mouth. Sudhakar was also grunting and in few strokes he pushed to the brim and held her to his body. His sperm started to ejaculate and it seemed that it wouldn’t stop. Aruna also had experienced multiple orgasms and her second had timed well with Sudhakar’s. She was fully spent but satisfied now. She did not wanted to loose this moment and did not knew when Sudhakar’s cock popped out of her pussy. Their combined fluids hit Aruna’s thighs and she wiped the stream with her robe. She looked inside. Asha was lying on the sofa face down and fully spent Shankar was lying on her body.

How did you come here?, asked Aruna, turning to Sudhakar. Mee baghitala tumhala ikade yetana. Mala mahitey Shankarache aani Ashabaaiche lafade. Kadhitari meepan asato tyat (I saw you coming here. I know the affair between Asha and Shankar. Sometimes I also take part in their game when she needs two.) Taai, ghari chala. Mee baaki sagale sangato. (Taai let us go to home. I will tell you all), said Sudhakar, aani lakshat theva, yapudhe mee bolavale ki yayacha aani zawayala dyayacha mala have asel tevha, aani have asel tya pramane (and remember, henceforth you will come and allow me to fuck you in whenever and whatever way I need it). Aruna was stunned listening this from a servant but she had no choice. Keeping mum she contemplated the future consequences. She was further shocked by Sudhakar’s next action. He picked Aruna in his lap and proceeded to Aruna’s bungalow, brushing aside her protests. When Aruna tried to fight, he told her, Taai, mala zawayachay tula tuzya gaadiwar. Konala naahi kalanar. Mala mahitey ghari koni nahiye (I want to fuck you on your bed. I know that there is nobody at home so no one will know anything about this), and he walked persistently. Listening to getting fucked on her bed made her relax incautiously. Her body started to warm up to the thought. She stopped fighting him and put her hands to his neck and relaxed in his strong grip. Now she was his at anytime he wished. Send feedback to zawada2004@yahoo.com. This entry was posted on 29 Jun 2007 by in Maid Servant
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