Whose fault it is

This is a fiction and any resemblance of characters with any living being is regretted. I am an amateur writer, and seek your feedback. Aruna was confused. She did not know what was to happen. Lately Sudhakar's behavior was baffling her. Sudhakar was their most honest and oldest handyman though he was 24 now. Since his childhood he was working along with his mother at her parental home and after her marriage to Arun, she had brought him to the city as a handy boy. In last 10 years he had changed a lot and was now a married man with a daughter of 6months old. His wife had to stay away to their village home to look after his parents and their farmhouse. Sudhakar was 5ft1/2 inches in height but his broad shoulders and somewhat heavier size had compensated for his short height. Because of physical labor he had to do, he looked strong. His skin was of ebony color and his teeth were sparkling white. He had thick lips and a long nose. His big hands were rugged. Always smiling him never refused any work. Appreciating his honesty and hard work Arun had elevated him to almost a managerial post in their business. He still used to live in his servant quarters in their outhouse. Sudhakar had come a long way.

Aruna was 33, 5ft 3inches in height, very fair with a high cheekbone and straight nose. Her eyes were bluish and her lips were natural pink. Her long black hairs cascaded to her knees. Her husband Arun was of high ambition and the couple was a perfect match. They had a nice life with 2 children 8 & 6 and Aruna’s father and mother helped a lot in day-to-day affairs. Arun and Aruna had a small food processing unit witch fetched them a reasonably good income. Lately Aruna had started to help Arun in his business. Arun had to travel a lot, using their Van and the merchandise, for marketing and sometimes he was gone for 7/8 days. Aruna was sitting at her table in their food-processing unit. Now it was off-season. It was end of November and most of the festivals gone. Aruna had to look after the local sales and so the onus of marketing as well as collection of bills was on her. The marketing part had been completed and the collection part had started. For collection she had to use either Autorikshaw or Aruna’s scooter. As she couldn’t drive the scooter Sudhakar used to act as the driver. Lately Arun was insisting her to learn the driving using Sudhakar as a trainer so that Sudhakar’s time won’t be wasted. She had started the training for last 15 days. Sudhakar’s behavior had gone a sea change in those days.

Aruna had a feeling that whenever they were alone, Sudhakar’s outlook was becoming bolder. His eyes had a twinkling note and she saw lust in them. He had started to touch her whenever he had a chance. While teaching her driving a scooter, he had to keep hold of the handle encircling her. The first 2/3 days he kept the distance, rather he feared something, but lately he had started to palm her hand on the clutch as well as accelerator. The first time it happened she had a shiver that was first time somebody else was clutching her hand other than her husband. She ignored it as a professional hazard. As he was a short man he had to sit behind her, his broad chest almost touching her back. Sometimes, when they passed a bump she was feeling his torso on her back. Lately he was keeping that torso attached to her back instead of leaning back. Few times his groin was touching her bums, and lately the groin was becoming harder and larger and almost boring her bums, she felt. She feared that something strange was going to happen. She had stopped training for 4/5 days when Arun had come back and tried to explain Arun, Sudhakar’s behavior. But she kept the groin part hidden, rather she could not utter it to him, and Arun believed in Sudhakar’s morality, honesty and thought that, she should learn the driving fast. Today morning Arun had again gone on his tour. Taai Nighayacha ka? (Should we start Taai, elder sister) asked Sudhakar. He used to call her Taai from childhood. It was 4pm and they had to go for collection to nearby villages. Today their route was about 20 kms away and it was a lonely and single road. Some part of the road passed a jungle route too. She had told him to start at 3pm but he had occupied himself and extended it to 4 pm. They had to come back by 6 pm otherwise it will be dark. She thought to postpone the collection for tomorrow but next day was weekly closure in that area and the customer had promised her the payment today. Taking her purse she started.

She was wearing a dark brown salwar and a light brown kurta today instead of her usual sari, as the road was of dirt and had many potholes in it. Her 38 D bosom was making the kurta tighten against it. Sudhakar was in jeans and a tight tee shirt with short sleeves. She was sitting sideways on the scooter and after they left behind the town, Sudhakar asked her to sit properly keeping both her legs to the two sides of the scooter. She hesitated before doing it, thinking he will be able to drive faster. The road was bumpy and had many curves in it. Few times, to keep balance, she had to keep her hand on his shoulders. Once in avoiding a pothole he had to brake urgently and Aruna was thrown forward. Her tits ground in Sudhakar’s hard back and her whole body was glued to his for 5/10 sec. Sudhakar stopped and then only she could get back. A soft twinkle was in his eyes and he restarted. Though she was disturbed somewhat Aruna tried to keep distance in them. Still few times their bodies were getting to each other from the bumps and vibrations of the scooter. This was having a strange effect on Aruna. Against her will her body was responding to these touches. Her nipples were getting hard and she felt some wetness in her pussy.

Sudhakar stopped some distance from the village and told Aruna to sit sideways. She did so and in next half hour they finished their work and started back at 5.15 pm. The sun had started his westward journey fast and in few minutes it would be dark. Again she changed her position behind him. Her body again started to heat against her wishes. Her mind was baffled. Many thoughts raced her mind. How could her body react this way? She was a perfect wife and their marriage was a happy one. She knew Sudhakar from childhood and he was 8/9 years younger, and of lower caste. While her mind was in turmoil it happened. Some bump had its effect on the tire of the scooter and it had flattened. Her body was again thrown and this time her right hand slipped from Sudhakar’s shoulder to his ribs, and then to his thighs. With her left hand, which was idle she had to clutch him from behind. She clung to him from behind, grounding her now hard nipples to his back, as he tried to keep the scooter on track. It was fruitless and they felled on ground, though the speed of the vehicle had dropped down drastically.

They landed on the grass nearby and his body weight was on her. The thick grass had cushioned their fall and the impact was not much. Still it was a mess. Aruna was lying sideways with her left leg under Sudhakar’s weight and her right leg in the air. Her left side was on the ground and as Sudhakar was embedded to her front, from his behind she could not move. Her tits were ground in him and not only her thighs but also her pussy was under Sudhakar’s weight. His left leg was under the scooter and left hand under his body touching Aruna’s bust from sideways. Taai, halu naka, me baghato. (Taai don’t move, I will see what has to be done.) Sudhakar said. He started to wiggle out of the jam and while doing this; his body was rubbing Aruna in her most intimate parts. This was having strange effect on her. Though numbed her nipples hardened and the pussy started to emanate heat. She thought that Sudhakar was aware of this and was taking time purposely. His left hand purposely brushed her left tit and she felt a shiver running through her body and while removing the scooter his right hand brushed her on the right thigh and her mound. At last he got up, not before giving her chills many times. After anchoring the scooter, he came up to her and helped her arrange herself. She was feeling numbness in left side of her back as well as her left leg ached. He asked her to sit nearby till he changed the tire. While removing the tire he had to apply a lot of muscles as the bolts had got rusted. He was pouring sweat and his body was glistening with it, as he had removed the tee shirt, which had dirt on it from the fall.

Aruna was sitting nearby on the grass and she marveled at Sudhakar’s body. Her mind was drifting away from the accident and towards her body needs. Throughout the last 2 hours she was getting the feel of his hard earned muscled body. Though Arun was of strong physique and height, lately she was not getting much attention from him. Due to his heavy schedule he could not give much time to his family too, let alone Aruna. Sometimes this was reflecting in their love making too. Though he was home for 4 days they could make love only once. The sexual frustration was building up in the 33years mind but hardly could she express it loudly. This may be the reason behind her body’s response to Sudhakar’s presence, she thought. As time passed she laid on the grass giving rest to her aching back. Sudhakar finished fitting the spare tire and searched for water to clean his hands. There was a stream nearby and he got himself freshened up. When he turned to Aruna he found her eyes closed, her breathing was making her globes rise and fall in a rhythm. Her left leg was bent at knee and because of breeze; her kurta had gone up somewhat exposing the salwar-clad thigh in open. From childhood he had adored this woman, and in last 15 days her very close proximity was thirsting him to do the thing, which he had fantasized many times. He was searching for perfect opportunity and fate has offered it today, it seemed. He was surely going to try his luck today.

He went near her and instead of calling her name; he shook her shoulder feeling it. Aruna woke up from her nap suddenly and tried to get up. The suddenness with which she got up sent pain in her back, and she had to clutch Sudhakar’s hand to steady her. Seeking the chance he put his whole left hand behind her back and held her almost in his lap. Taai, dukhatay ka? (Is it paining). Sudhakar. Ho, path aani daavi potari (back and the left calf). Aruna. Can you sit behind me, on the scooter? Sudhakar, it will be sunset in few minutes and we will need 30 min to go to town. I will drive slowly, but we have to start now. He was hoping the pain would be enough so that it will need some massage before it lessoned somewhat. He was jockeying her to accept massage of her back as well as legs. Standing up he gave her his hand and asked her to get up and see if she can bear the pain. With effort and support of his rugged hand she tried to stand up, but when she tried to straighten her legs after standing, her left leg buckled and Sudhakar immediately lapped her in his arms.

Water, I want water. She asked. He looked around to see if there was any pot in which he can bring the water. He could not see anything. So he asked her to walk to the stream, which was not far away. She tried to walk but could not. So he gathered her in his arms and took her to the stream. She felt his strong when he lifted her and the ease with which he walked with her in his lap. She was feeling tremors through her as his right hand was under her thighs and left under her neck. Her body was bundled and he was holding her like a sack. He put her down and brought water in his palms. She drank and fulfilled her thirst. He sat beside her and thought about further ways to proceed. He again asked her to stand giving her his hand. She again tried to stand. Her legs buckled again. What happened? Is it paining much? Wait this way for 2/3 minutes and we will see if you can stand and walk. Sudhakar. Aruna was feeling his hard muscles, as she had to lean on his body. Her right globe was on his chest and her right thigh touching his left leg. Sudhakar’s left hand was holding her waist and she sensed him maneuvering her to his manhood. She had no choice. Though the situation was embarrassing, the thought that there was nobody else present calmed her down somewhat. As usual for last 2 hours her body started to respond against her wishes. Should we try massaging your back? It will relieve the pain somewhat. Sudhakar. And before she could answer, his right hand went encircling her to her back. He started to massage her back slowly. He adjusted her position facing him, and while massaging, sometimes pressed her body to his. Her full globes were getting smashed up at that time and he felt her hard nipples through the kurta and his tee shirt.

Halu, jorat nako dabu. (Slow it, don’t do it hard way), Aruna murmured. Her voice was becoming heavier. He continued the rubbing and pressed her to him with left hand. She tried to hold back but he persuaded her that such a position was required to massage properly. Hardly this continued for 5 minutes and she was getting some relief from pain in back but her body was starting to fight her will. Meantime Sudhakar’s started to massage her waist and her pelvis was touched his manhood. The first touch sent chills in her. The manhood was really hard, but the jeans were holding it tight. She tried to get back in vain. She could feel it now. Her mind was taken away from her pain and she felt it to be larger and thicker. Inadvertently her pelvis pressed forward. It was now grinding in the manhood. Sensing she was getting ready Sudhakar said. Your legs must be feeling the pain of standing, let me massage after you lay down. She agreed in a trance. He slowly put her down and sat folding his legs near her stomach.

He told her to turn to him, which she obeyed. Now she was facing him sideways and he started to massage her back again from top to waste in slow rhythmic way. Her globes started to press in his left knee. Her pelvis was to his right knee. He felt, the time was ripe to move further. Is it paining in your left leg? He asked. Yes. Was the answer in heavy tone. His right hand started to glide her leg slowly feeling it in between. He felt the firmness of the thighs and hoped to see them naked soon. He had to lean forward as his hand reached the calf of her leg and an escaped from her mouth. He stopped there and started the massage. He asked her to fold the leg, so that it will be easy for him. She obliged. Now her left leg was on his right thigh and his right knee was rooting for her pussy. He was looking at the sight of her kurta exposed bums. While folding the leg the kurta had climbed up and her perfect round buttocks were like two watermelons. His throat dried. Was it happening really? He pinched her leg to check. Ouch, Halu. Was the response.

His right hand started to massage her leg from waste to calf and he put his left hand on her head. While putting it there he felt her hot and heavy breathing. He stroked her head and felt her left knee pressing him in the thigh. Seeing her response he put his right hand on her buttocks. He felt the hardness and roundness of them. A moan escaped her mouth when he pressed them. He put his left hand on her face and felt the eyes. The lids were closed and his fingers feeling every part of the face rested on her lips. Her body was emanating heat by now. His right hand upped the kurta and now her back was in open. The setting sunrays were on it through the bushes and the fair back was like gold in these rays. The contrast of his black palm feeling the back was adding to his zest. He felt her bra was obstructing his feeling her back and the kurta had clutched to his folded legs in front. He tried to up the kurta and lifting her body she helped him. The time and place were out of their minds.

He tried to adjust her on his lap but she put her hands over her head and pushed her face in his thigh from the side. The kurta was up her shoulders now and she was clad in only a bra on top. Her bra-clad globes were boring his knee and he started to feel her back. He clasped away the obstructing bra and her back was open to his hand. Slowly he brought his hand to her front and felt her globes. Still the bra-cups were there on them but the first touch of them sent sensation in him. Roughly he removed the bra and cupped the now open left tit. He started to massage it, squeeze it and press it. The nipple must be in inch long by now. It was hard and he put it in his fingers. A loud moan escaped from her and the animal in him was rose. He removed his hand from the globe and put it on her stomach. Felt the belly button and was searching for the cord of the salwar. In one swift moment he pulled at it and the salwar was now free for removal. She helped him get away with it. As he removed it he could see her wet panty, which was white, and the wet spot was glistening in the sunshine. His hand went to feel her there. He kept his palm on her mound and her left hand came down from her head to rest on his manhood. Her pussy was also emanating heat and he felt her pussy-lips from outside.

Slowly he started to rub her there and in few seconds her hand was filling his manhood, which was throbbing now and was ready to escape the cage. She was sliding her hand from top to bottom and in a flash opened his zip. She pushed her hand inside the opening and gasped when she felt his real size though the underwear was still hiding it. She tried to hold it in her hand. But the garments were obstructing it. He rose and got away with his jeans and tee shirt. He again knelt beside her and put his hand in her waistband and removed the panty in a flash. He was now looking at her beautiful body, which he had fantasized a lot for so many years. Both there bodies were glistening with sweat and he gathered her in his arms. Slowly he put her lips to hers and felt them. Her lips were quivering and he chewed on those lips. He crushed her bosom in him and she felt his boxers. She put her hand in them and pulled them away. His 8-inch long 2-inch black snake sprang upwards hitting her hand on its way. She had till now felt only Aruna’s cock, which must be an inch short and less thick. The feeling of it made her mad. Her hand went to it and she felt the fullness of it. She was out of her mind now. She felt the knob, which was swollen now and pulled away the skin on it. It was like a head and she wanted it badly between her legs. Her pussy was oozing now. Turning on her back she pulled Sudhakar on her body.

Sudhakar knelt on her body and took her one nipple in his mouth. He chewed on it and his hand was on her pussy. Parting the thick hairs there he pushed his one finger inside. It was very wet and hot there. Her one hand was behind his neck and the other was holding his cock. She was trying to push that cock to her pussy. He put his two fingers in her hole and she put the cock-head on her clit, which was swollen by now. Ghal ata. ( Put it inside) I can’t wait. She cried. Sensing no fun in wasting time he removed his fingers and put his cock-head on the hole. The hole was small and he had to get her guidance to slip it inside. He could go hardly an inch when he felt the tightness of the pussy. This was making her mad and he did not wanted to hurt her. So he started very slowly to push it forward. A loud moan escaped her when the knob entered it completely. He still tried hard and pushed forward. In next 5 minutes he was inside to the brim. She was gasping for air and her moans were becoming louder. When he pulled out and pushed in one swift movement she was clutching him to her bosom and bites him on his face. Ghal jorat, fuck me hard. You bastard. She was shouting now. Her pussy was getting the hardest fucking she had till today. He put her knees to her chest and started to fuck her hard. Ghe randche. (Get it right you bastard. I am fucking you), was the response from him.

His stokes were fast and furious now. It was 5 minutes now and he hadn’t ejaculated yet. Meantime she was getting her 3rd orgasm on the way. This was happening to her first time. He was grunting and animal like cries were coming from his mouth. When he sensed her orgasm again he held himself to the bottommost part and his sperm started to ejaculate. Her whole pussy was getting filled now as well as her womb. There juices flooded the path and he collapsed on her. Both of them were panting now. The cum was dripping her thighs and it was glistening in the now fading sunrays. They got away from the trance and reality occurred to them. She felt very ashamed at what had happened. His feelings were also somewhat liked mix feelings. Her pain had gone and both of them gathering themselves started their return journey to her home. Whose fault was it? His or her? This entry was posted on 21 Jun 2007 by in Maid Servant
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