Watchman's Wife

Hi, ISS fans I m raja student of final year I want to share my first experience with all you people. It is a true incident not a fiction. I stay with my family in Hyderabad in a building, which has only 8 apartments. It is a double storey building at ground floor we park our vehicles. Our watchman also stays at ground floor with his wife. Our watchman's name is Nazeer and his wife's name is Salma. Nazeer is in his mid 30's but Salma is hardly about 19 yrs old. She got married to Nazeer some 2 yrs ago. Some 8 months ago Salma delivered a baby. Salma and Nazeer stay in only one room, which is very close to our staircase, and the room has got its ventilation opened at the staircase. Once I came late in night at around 11 pm by that time the gate was closed.

I shouted for Nazeer to open the gate nearly after one minute Nazeer came and opened the gate and said "main so gaya tha" then he locked the gate and went back to his room. After parking my bike when I was going back to our flat suddenly my eyes went through the ventilation into Nazeer's room what I saw was Nazeer was fucking Salma he lifted Salma's nighty upto her waist and was giving strokes after a few seconds he did cum.but Salma's intentions was to have more. After that night I started to come late in nights and started to peep in Nazeer's room through the ventilation I found that Nazeer would fuck Salma twice or thrice a week and style would be same. He would just lift Salma's nighty upto her waist and after giving some strokes he cumms. Sevaral days passed like this only. One Saturday morning I had to take bath. But water was not coming I asked my mother"mummy paani kyun nahin aa raha hai" she replied "nazeer se pooch ke usne tank mein paani bhara ke nahin" at that time I was wearing only my shorts and banyan and nothing under my shorts.

I went to Nazeer's room there I found Salma alone. She was sweeping her room she was wearing a nighty she was bent and I could see her lovely breasts moving right and left as she was sweeping hard my dick was standing rock hard suddenly she saw me and said "kya baat hai" I replied "paani nahin aa raha hai nazeer kahan hai " she told "unke abba bahot beemaar hain woh unhi ko dekhne gaye hain aur main tank bharna bhool gayi" she told me to stay there because the switch is too high to her again she started sweeping I was staring at her boobs it was looking marvelous . I thought Nazeer is a fool he suck Salma's nipples never squeezed such lovely pair of boobs. Salma realized that her breasts r visible to me but she didn't mind it now I was getting out of control she came near to me told me "yahan jhaadu dena hai “.

I moved a little again she started sweeping now as she close to me I could see her nipples also. She saw me staring at her breasts and smiled she also realized the under my shorts. She told me to come with her to open the switch of the pump she took out a chair and stood on it and told me to hold the chair, as it is broken. I held the chair from front I was standing too close so that my dick was touching her thighs I rubbed it to her thighs but with in no time she opened the switch and came down .I knew that she felt my dick She was smiling suddenly I heard shouts of my mother "kya hua kya kar raha hai wahan" I ran to my flat. The whole day I was thinking to fuck Salma. At night I came late and as I thought the gate was closed I called Salma to open the gate. She came with keys in her hand went she bent to open the gate her gorgeous boobs were fully exposed to me because her buttons were open. I thought she was feeding her baby I could even see her brown nipples under my bike's headlight. She to noticed it. When I was parking my bike she told me "main tumhara hi intezaar kar rahi thi kamre mein bulb lagaana hai aur mera haath nahi phunch raha hai".

I said ok and stood on chair and told her "kursi ko samne aakar pakdo" she was standing in a position that my dick was touching her breasts I asked her "kareeb aakar pakdo"she came close now I was pressing my dick against her boobs" nearly after 2 minutes I asked her "switch kholo bulb laga diya hai" she opened the switch. In the light her boobs were partly exposed to me as the buttons were open I was staring at her with a bulge in my pant I was getting close to her I grabbed her she was not saying a single word. She was breathing heavily. I told that” Salma tum mujhe bahut achchi lagti ho aur main tum ko kaise chod te hain aaj dikhaaoonga maine nazeer ko kayi baar tum ko chod te hue dekha hai aur main jaanta hoon ke woh tumhari khwahishon ko pura nahin karta hai. She replied " main bahot pyaasi hoon meri pyaas bujhao”. i started sucking her juicy lips she was getting hotter then I licked her tongue with mine .

She was doing all this things first time. Then I sucked her tongue. Then I came to her boobs I took them out of her nighty and started squeezing one boob with my hand and sucked her nipple. She was moaning ooooohaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaihaaa aaahaaaah then i removed her nighty now her breast was in front of me and she was standing only her petticoat. She I raised her hands her armpits were hairy and I licked it was smelling sexy. Then I removed my clothes and she was surprised to seamy cock and said "bahot bada hai" in her sexy voice. I undid her petty coat and went to her hairy pussy and started licking it. She was amazed by this act and "aisa bhi krte hain kya" I said "aisa karne se bahot mazaa aata hai". By that time she was moaning loudly aaaaaaaaaaaah ooooooooohaaaaah aaaaah ahhh . I told her to suck my dick first she hesitated and then took it in her mouth I asked to suck it like an ice cream. Then I asked her to stretch her legs and inserted my dick .we were flying on heaven. Her juices were coming out but I was still on. Then after a minute I too cum on her belly then I sucked her lips and worn my clothes said her good bye and went to my flat. Comment at This entry was posted on 24 Jul 2009 by in Maid Servant
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